1.8 petrol mazda bongo lwb

lokn4bargin, Jan 5, 9:44am
hi I am looking at buying 1.8 petrol bongo 2007
just wondered how they are ?
anyone else own one?

franc123, Jan 5, 10:06am
Cooling systems and the general safety of them are the biggest concerns, remember the base design of them dates back to 1984, which is older than even the Mitsi L300 that's only just been dropped. The driving position is pretty cramped for bigger framed people and long stints behind the wheel are far more unpleasant than a post 1990 Hiace and way behind the 'bonnet' style Euro and Hyundai iLoad vans. They are mechanically pretty robust but overheating has always been the biggest killer of them, even minor cookups can cause head damage and piston/ring problems. Don't buy anything that shows signs of not being looked after properly in this area, even for an only 8yo vehicle. They're also sold as Ford Econovan and Nissan Vanette.

lokn4bargin, Jan 5, 10:12am
thanks franc i already have a 2001 bongo diesel just wanted to upgrade and go for the petrol . i have had mine for 12years and done me very well

one i was looking at has 120000 on clock aa verified aparently :)
whats the cause of the cooling system doing this?

franc123, Jan 5, 10:18am
Lack of maintenance generally, its not an inherent fault with them by any means, its just you need to be aware of it. , This means that hopefully its had at least 1 or 2 coolant renewals by now, even with this treatment its good policy to change or at least clean out the radiator after 10 years or so. This also applies to the diesel ones too.

lokn4bargin, Jan 5, 10:20am
ok great thankyou for your advise

franc123, Jan 5, 10:24am
Bear in mind that the petrol isn't going to have nearly as good pulling power as the 2.5 diesel, its really just a fuel injected car engine that was used in Telstar and 626/Capella models in the 1980's. Unusual its in a LWB, they were usually 2 litre.

kazbanz, Jan 5, 8:14pm
07-10 are all the same vehicle. I hear Franc's comment but I haven't had any come back and bite me in the past few years. That said if you can afford it I would look at a 2011 example instead.-Different motor in the 2011 version

mrfxit, Jan 5, 9:40pm
Van + Petrol = lots of fuel if loaded
Bongo being the bigger body van = lots more petrol

Personally wouldn't go near a large body van without being diesel.

Ppl tend to USE the available space = heavy loads & longer distances

kazbanz, Jan 5, 10:48pm
mrfixit--I think maybe you are thinking the "old" bongo not the 07 and newer version.

fordcrzy, Jan 6, 2:03am
we had a brand new one as a company pool vehicle. they are hands down the WORST van you could possibly buy! WHY WOULD YOU GO THERE? THEY ARE JUST SO BAD words fail me. incredibly poor ride. ZERO frontal impact safety. RIDICULOUS leg room and head height so you always bang your head getting in and out. seriously they are just shyte. the only van ive driven worse was a suzuki carry. and i reckon the carry rode better. our one had 13" wheels. I MEAN SERIOUSLY? 13" wheels on a commercial vehicle in the 21st century? BUY SOMETHING ELSE

lokn4bargin, Mar 13, 2:22am
thanks for your feedbacks

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