Does anyone how to 'break' in to a toyota camry?

hoarder85, Apr 23, 6:14am
our 91 camry has shagged locks - both of them. The drivers side was working, but seems to have completely seized so the car is stuck in the driveway.

We have tried the coat hanger trick but the lock is quite smooth so the wire can't grip it to unlock it. Have also tried silicone spray on the key.

Any other suggestions!

nz2293, Apr 23, 6:18am
can you go through the boot if it has rear folding seats !

jezz43, Apr 23, 6:18am
smash the rear quarter window and reach in to the backdoor

hoarder85, Apr 23, 6:19am
We did try that nz2293, but it appears you have to unlatch them from the inside too. We tried kicking them to break the latch, but that didn't work :(

hoarder85, Apr 23, 6:20am
Do you know what the cost would be to replace! Can we do a diy!

jezz43, Apr 23, 6:22am
ive never paid more than $50 for a rear quarter, my aunty has the same car as you, i got her window for $20 from pik a part. pretty easy to fit yourself too

carmedic, Apr 23, 6:25am

hoarder85, Apr 23, 7:15am
Thanks jezz43, will see if our local has one.

Carmedic, we have the original key and a copy and neither work. Do you think its possible both keys are too worn!

buyme3, Apr 23, 7:20am
brick thru the winscreen always works

jezz43, Apr 23, 7:24am
also very expensive

johnf_456, Apr 23, 7:28am
If you have glass cover on insurance ^

jezz43, Apr 23, 7:29am
if you have glass cover on your insurance then you must have full cover, which would mean you should have roadside assist. so you could get AA or whoever it is to open it

hoarder85, Apr 23, 7:32am
Thanks :)

No full cover on the car, just third party so there goes breaking the windscreen lol.

Will try the key technique, otherwise will have to replace the rear quarter.

johnf_456, Apr 23, 7:35am

A lot of third party fire and theft do have glass mine included. And not everone uses aa or state for roadside assist.

I have made claims on stone chips all of which are free on third party. Hust because it is on one does not mean its not on others.

johnf_456, Apr 23, 7:36am
Hoarder check your policy

bigfatmat1, Apr 23, 7:36am
sharpen ya bit of wire to a point or hit the central lock button on the masterswitch

mopar63, Apr 23, 8:09am
or try a bent steel ruler down between the window glass and door frame to move the rod that goes to the lock

m16d, Apr 23, 8:12am
My work mate had that happen.
We smashed the left rear quarter window to get in.
I made him a new one out of fibrolite and its still there today, 2 years later.

807, Apr 23, 8:13am
Call the 'bros from south auckland.

carmedic, Apr 23, 8:15am
Thats a WoF fail!

jezz43, Apr 23, 8:16am
sure is, AA said it was risk of shattering or something.

richard198, Apr 23, 8:17am
Yeah, something flat with a hook cut out should do it.

fordluva, Dec 3, 1:58am
try the easy way first, locks tend to stick over time if not lubricated every now and again, bit of CRC down the barrel, and along the key put it in the lock, in and out a few times thengive it a little wriggle in the lock and turn a few times back and fourth if it frees, seen it plenty of times.