97 v6 toyota camry 3.0 litre

becsr1, May 13, 8:35am
hey there can anyone tell me a round a bout price to replace a cambelt, waterpump , idlers and cam seals if required thanks

tgray, May 13, 8:37am
I'm not supposed to say this, but since it's a non interference engine and no chance of any damage, why bother! Save the $500+ and in the unlikely event of a break, simply do it then.

becsr1, May 13, 8:40am
not sure i no whart you mean sorry , when you say a non interference engine with no chance of damage does that mean if cambelt bakes it wont cause major engine damage

tgray, May 13, 8:41am
Correct. Won't cause any damage whatsoever, just simply stop. Same as Toyota windom engine.

becsr1, May 13, 8:42am
okay thanks this is good to no ,

bluecambridge, Feb 14, 8:07am
what about a 96 2.2l 4cyl camry engine! also non-interference!