Diesel vs Petrol !!

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rubberchcken2, Oct 2, 8:29am
Looking into buying ute or 4x4 of some description to haul the horse float about. Having never owned one before which is the cheaper to run! I hear the petrol ones are just guzzlers like never seen before. Or Diesel, much cheaper per litre but then theirs road users charges and apparently they need more frequent maintenance/servicing! Someone help!

greghale, Oct 2, 8:35am
Diesel was cheaper a few years ago.But now unless you are doing big kms Its better to go with petrol.

franc123, Oct 2, 8:36am
Yep that about sums it up.Really it comes down to how often and how far you are going to be towing the float, if its lots then get diesel, if its only once in a while petrol is probably the better/cheaper option.Also keep in mind when buying that diesel versions of the same model are usually more expensive to buy up front, in some cases by thousands of dollars, factor this in too.

crab2, Oct 2, 8:39am
Diesel stinks compared Petrol

r15, Oct 2, 10:38am
Only when you drive with your face in front of the exhaust

intrade, Oct 2, 11:10am
read the other diesel thread most diesel are now rooted or not far from expensive repair bills.

fryan1962, Oct 2, 6:18pm
I love my diesel cheaper to run cheaper to service

franko171, Oct 2, 6:29pm
diesel a lot more to reg

r15, Oct 2, 7:36pm
this cost is made back in the first 3 or 4 times you fill the tank.

intrade you always run down diesels, ive been driving old high km diesels for years and have never had to repair anything in relation to its diesel engine, eg brake pads, wheel bearings etc.

probably about 250-300,000kms of driving 250,000+ km diesels without issue

morrisman1, Oct 2, 8:08pm
wow what a lot of uninformed rubbish here! (not saying all of it is)

Fact: If you use more than 7.8L/100km of petrol you pay MORE taxes than a diesel.

Fact: A Ute will use considerably more than 7.8L/100km if it is petrol

A ute towing will perhaps use up to 15L/100km of petrol, meaning that it will be paying close to double what a diesel pays in RUC. And people say RUC is expensive! People are so uninformed.

Diesel is definetely the way to go. In a vehicle like a ute the lower per KM running costs will pay off the difference in servicing costs and registration costs within a matter of a couple thousand KM. it is the small cars that become less viable to run on diesel but large vehicles it is a no brainer. The diesel will be more suited to towing, operating in its power band almost all the time.

bellky, Oct 2, 8:42pm
i hate the smell of diesel - and hate diesel drivers.

fryan1962, Oct 2, 9:46pm
So you hate me! wow

mrfxit, Oct 2, 9:54pm
LOL apparently he hates & loves me.
Got diesel AND petrol vehicles here.

crzyhrse, Oct 2, 9:59pm
All of the rest of what you've posted there is purely conjectiure since you don't have accurate information with which to determine the break even point between petrol/diesel for the OP's usage profile.

bellky, Oct 2, 10:42pm
of course not silly

mike77, Oct 2, 11:07pm
I was looking at both, brought a petrol 4x4, but it's only used to get to work and 4wd'ing. (where I dont mind wringing it's neck every now and again)
Towing horse's, slow and steady, torque and lower rpm's - A diesel would be my choice anyday of the week.
If that's it's primary use, I reckon it's an easy choice.

morrisman1, Oct 2, 11:29pm
lets take a common tow vehicle, toyota prado. 2006 model in question. both automatic

Fuelsaver says 9.3L/100km for diesel and 13.2L/100km for petrol, sounds about right to me.

Here are the sums,and using a crude method trying values I determined the break even point to be 3550km


mugenb20b, Oct 2, 11:35pm
Than what! A Lamborghini LM-002!

bellky, Oct 3, 1:29am
this seems like a smart post. if i could put up with the stink of the diesel fumes; how do you think the performance of these two vehicles would compare while towing and not! i mean going up hills etc.

kevymtnz, Oct 3, 1:41am
the cost of a 4x4 diesel should be double that of petrol re the pollution issues nothing worse than following some moron pumping out clouds of toxic waste

mrfxit, Oct 3, 1:56am
LOL sucker

Read a report a couple of years ago that showed it's really about the same.
Petrol have more cancer particles then diesel but with a short life span
Diesels have less cancer particles but with a longer life span

Add to the fact that there are far more petrol vehicles on our roads then diesel & petrol'snot such a good option after all.

You have been suckered because you can SEE more fumes from a diesel then you normally see from a petrol engine.

bellky, Oct 3, 2:01am
don't forget. the stuff STINKS!

mrfxit, Oct 3, 2:07am
I get sneezing fits from smelling over rich petrol engine fumes
Diesel fumes are simply annoying

Whens the last time you heard of someone commiting suicide by gassing them selves with diesel engine fumes.

r15, Oct 3, 2:44am
where are all these diesels that smell inside!

most diesels on the road these days emit next to no smoke anyway, only old un maintained piles of shit smoke

bellky, Oct 3, 2:47am
if i'm travelling behind a diesel i can smell it, hate it.

"where are all these diesels that smell inside!" selfish attitude