There's a good reason why mech's don't wear rings!

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tgray, Oct 4, 10:35pm
Whilst changing a car battery yesterday, I learned a painful lesson - for the second time.
My little pinky now looks more like a thumb.ouch!

steve312, Oct 4, 10:46pm
Learnt that one a very long time ago.

Watches with steel straps are a big hazard too :o(

Amazing how hot they get when you short them out on a battery isn't it!

gunhand, Oct 4, 10:49pm
Being in panel and paint I put my hand/arm in tight places. have been hooked up once, so I no longer wear anything.

dr.doolittle, Oct 4, 10:50pm
If you've ever seen a de-gloved finger you'll never wear a ring again if you work with your hands.

crzyhrse, Oct 4, 11:11pm
Because they're mostly men and jewellery is for sheilas!

extrayda, Oct 4, 11:18pm
gunhand, I would have thought painting naked would have other risks.

franc123, Oct 4, 11:27pm
Have worked with a few guys that do and its just stupidity, an accident waiting to happen, especially if you are a sparky.

mrfxit, Oct 4, 11:41pm
Learned that lesson many many years ago.
No rings/ chains/ watch's
Only wear well fitting clothes when working on vehicles

richardmayes, Oct 4, 11:44pm
They're smart enough not to get married.!

tmenz, Oct 5, 1:00am
It was recommended to me that any wedding ring should be cut halfway (or was it 2/3rd!) through in 3 equidistant places, from the inside so it doesn't show, so that if it gets caught, it will break away rather than deglove the finger!

steve312, Oct 5, 1:18am
And melts into 3 equal sized pools of metal when shorted on a battery!

elect70, Oct 5, 1:44am
Smart tradesmen dont wearrings or necklacesor metalband watches. Bro is plumber & Mrs gave him nicebig signet ringbut 1 day whilebrazing pipe under a house blob of silfos stuck on the ring & badly burned his finger .

gunhand, Oct 5, 1:49am
Yes probably asked for that lol, well if its good enough for Steve Levine its good enough for me.

mrfxit, Oct 5, 2:09am
Painting naked isn't a problem, but welding could well be a problem

Apparently doing the housework naked has it's own set of hazards ;-)

dr.doolittle, Oct 5, 2:45am
There, fixed your spelling for you.

mrfxit, Oct 5, 3:33am
LOL. FinE ;-)

trogedon, Oct 5, 4:09am
Watch out shutting bonnets and boots!

extrayda, Oct 5, 6:10am
yup, Steve is a bit of a character (or was when I was in the same car club about 15 years + ago).From what I gather he has become even more so as the years go by !

gunhand, Oct 5, 6:40am
Standing about where i would normally stand when shutting a boot or bonnet if anything was to be long enough to get slammed in them im pretty sure I would be making movies lol

sandypheet, Oct 5, 6:44am
Similar thing happened to me when learning to arc weld,only been married a couple of weeks.

jrlaw, Oct 5, 7:25am
Saw a ring welded onto the skin of the finger, never ever wore a ring or watch to work at the workshop.

mrfxit, Oct 5, 7:27am
Arrhh yea . the ol "head bangers & finger choppers"

mrfxit, Oct 5, 7:28am
If I remember correctly, scaffoldersetc arn't allowed to wear anything by regulation

tgray, Oct 5, 7:41am
The current blew a small hole through my gold ring and was heard by my wifefrom the kitchen!
The massive welt around my finger is now starting to subside.
Lesson well learned!

dansue, Dec 9, 4:57pm
Knew a guy that jumped out of a large silage trailer and left his ring and the skin hanging off the wire mesh on the top rail !