Slow Subaru

richard198, Oct 4, 6:51pm
A driver clocked at 177km/h in a 100km/h zone at the weekend had shown drivers in the region were also ignoring messages on speeding.
The man, in his twenties, gave police an excuse after being stopped on SH2 near Maramarua on Saturday.
"The man said he had flown up from Invercargill to Auckland to purchase the Subaru and told the officer; 'he just had to see how fast it could go',"

rocker_553, Oct 4, 9:52pm
What a winner. Guess he won't be driving his new Subaru for 6 more months now.

morrisman1, Oct 4, 10:17pm
and who doesnt do that with a new car! It's just this man's bad luck that he got caught

foxdonut, Oct 4, 10:47pm
Agree. Its a measure of how straight the car is mechanically. I won't buy a car until I've got it over 100mph.

He just picked the wrong strip of road.

franc123, Oct 4, 11:29pm
Yeah did he what, the nitwit clearly didn't realise that roads legendary status as being the worst accident blackspot in NZ.That would have impressed the cop even less.

johnf_456, Oct 5, 12:41am
What a moron those speeds is nuts and I don't buy the new car excuse.

bellky, Oct 5, 12:44am
i must remember not to let you test drive my car! lol

rocker_553, Oct 5, 12:56am
Sure, but there's a time and a place, and going fast enough to hit someone head on and leave no wreckage clearly wasn't it. How would you feel if it was your kid that did that! Who's to say he couldn't have paid $20 to go to a track and avoid killing someone or copping a $630 fine plus a day in court to add dangerous driving to his rap sheet!

I am not against going fast and having fun. What I'm saying is if you want to go fast and drive stupid, do it on a track so you kill yourself, not innocent people.

johnf_456, Oct 5, 1:04am
well said there is a time and place for it

mileyfan73, Oct 5, 2:10am
The speed limit here is 100 km/h so as long as it does that why the need to see if it goes any faster!Scary how many ignorant morons are on our roads.Its like when people overtake me when I'm doing 100.Ummmm okay might wanna read the road code again people.

buyme3, Oct 5, 3:57am

sw20, Oct 5, 6:20am
Why didn't you inform your friends in law enforcement earlier! They could have sent him a strongly worded email.

ninja_man, Oct 5, 6:24am
$20 to go on a track! i wish it was that cheap.

sw20, Oct 5, 6:28am
Only $45 for the monthly drags at Ruapuna. In the summer months I think they hold them quite regularly on Friday nights now.

johnf_456, Oct 5, 6:29am
Lamo still haven't worked out it was a joke, do you think these speeds are okay on the roads we shared our family and loved ones with. I bet you would be the first to complain then.

johnf_456, Oct 5, 6:30am
For the sake of others safety do it on the track where it belongs like i and many do safely to not put the general public at risk

sw20, Dec 8, 10:48pm
I thought we were friends!