Free Boat Woohoo!

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a.woodrow, Oct 6, 5:39am
Ha you couldn't resist looking could you!!

I've inherited the family boat and need to find a tow vehicle. The boat is fibreglass over ply, about 20ft long with a 140hp johnson outboard, sitting on a tandem trailer. Problem is, I don't have a tow vehicle. I'm going to be putting it in the sea from time to time so don't want to invest too much in a tow vehicle. I thought about falcon or commodore, but wonder if I will have trouble on the slipways with only rwd! other thought is jeep cherokee or similar as a cheap 4wd, any other thoughts or suggestions! budget around 3k, would rather steer clear of diesel

Cheers guys
Jazz if you suggest a punto I will be disappointed.

fryan1962, Oct 6, 5:51am
jeep cherokee for me or better landrover discovery full chassis. I have not towed big boat with falcon.but did A lot with my discovery

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 5:57am
Yeah I've considered a disco but maybe a bit thirsty (although I know the cherokee isn't exactly frugal lol) also it seems the cherokees are a bit cheaper

mugenb20b, Oct 6, 6:02am
So you want to be towing a boat with a non diesel vehicle that isn't thirsty with good traction and a budget of $3k! I think that one of your requirements needs to be sacrificed.

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 6:07am
Nope, I can accept a heavier fuel bill, just would rather steer clear of a v8

mugenb20b, Oct 6, 6:09am
How often will you be using the boat! Most people use theirs 3 weeks of the year.

bella-boo, Oct 6, 6:14am
With a boat that big you will find any pertol 4wd very thirsty.I dont know how much algae grows on the ramps down that way, but I would say 4wd will give you peace of mind.

neville48, Oct 6, 6:17am
get a cheap ford explorer, they are cheap at the mo and for all the use its going to get ,petrol won't be an issue.

jonthefisho, Oct 6, 7:08am
20ft Gop boat, 140 outboard, tandem trailers, my guess it will be heavy.You may have to watch the allowed towing rates on towbar of the vechile you buy.

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 7:25am
Yep probably around this usage

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 7:27am
Yep shes quite heavy that was why I was dubious about only using a rwd car :)

countrypete, Oct 6, 7:30am
Land Rover Range Rover 4.6 V8 1996
Current bid: $2,760.00 Reserve metCloses: 2 mins Listing #: 411316273

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 7:35am
Good value!

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 7:37am
hmm they do say ANY offer, don't they! it's close enough to check out

xs1100, Oct 6, 7:47am
i have a nissan pathfinder nz new 2.4 petrol.definatly not a speed machine but have found it great for towing the boat and have hauled a 22 ft caravan all over coromandel with it they are built proof motors so long as you look after them

grangies, Oct 6, 8:04am
They have to be realistic too. That's all it's really worth.

They are good wagons though.

I have had one since 80,000k and is now at 270,000 and still is fine.

They are big and heavy, so can tow boats without having to freak out when you have to apply the brakes lol.

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 8:09am
I had one a few years back, yes nice trucks

rEtyre, Oct 6, 8:25am
RWD on slipways is sweet. FWD is useless. 4WD is not much better than RWD Ive found. i launch and retrieve a 20 foot trailer sailer with a diesel hilux 2WD and its sweet.

johnf_456, Oct 6, 8:25am
Welcome back

mellisa2000, Oct 6, 8:26am
Certainly in the price range. Normally a bit of a POS but quite likely do the job well.

snoopy221, Oct 6, 8:32am
2wd hilux has lsd though.
20 foot gop and tandem.mmkay ya don't mention what the ramps down thataways are like-and wether ya using em at SPECIFIC points of the tide.
or how far from them ya are.
boat tractor cld be the go.
[Worst case scenario is trailer on the ramp **drop off** and wheels in green slime retreiving at low tide]

desmodave, Oct 6, 8:35am
I have 1 here that i dont use, you can have it for a dozen beer.

mugenb20b, Oct 6, 8:37am
Please explain how! All (real) 4WD vehicles have a low range option, which is fantastic for high torque / low speed application. By the way, you can always lower your tyre pressures to increase traction.

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 8:39am
Lake manopouri, te anau and colac bay will be where I'm going. Colac bay ramp is a bit rough with a drop, the other two aren't so bad but can be slippery

mike77, Oct 6, 9:08am
A bit of assumption in my post but .TBH, a big heavy wooden boat, with a 140 Johnson (Late 80's early 90's)
sell it right now before it turns you off boating all together. (unless it's an absolute minter, rebuilt engine and brand new VRO pump)
Buy a boat that suits your needs, and one you'll actually get out there and use more often and most importantly enjoy useing.
Unless you have a paticular need for a heavy, slow, maintenance sapping, fuel sucking barge!