Here's a good example

a.woodrow, Oct 10, 8:08pm
Of excellent photos for a vehicle under auction. Clear photos that show all angles and any defects, but at the same time they have managed to make this older vehicle appear in its best possible light.

ninja_man, Oct 10, 8:17pm
looks like the whole car is covered in silicon spray

a.woodrow, Oct 10, 8:22pm
everything black yep. guess that's just what car yards do

vtecintegra, Oct 10, 11:55pm
Yeah nicely presented.

On a related note I can't believe how many people don't vacuum out the car and remove their old McDonalds wrappers before putting photos up.

grangies, Oct 11, 1:47am
Check out this nutcase in one, on a public road.!v=v_42UbY-INs

mcscottwgtn, Oct 11, 1:50am
Bit of a meat axe. Wouldn't want to be his insurer, or anywhere near them on a snowy road. Good video.

craig04, Oct 11, 1:52am
Nicely photographed. They showed all angles and areas and even cleaned it too.

mcscottwgtn, Oct 11, 1:54am
Some people might dig a brunch of old fags in their prospective new motor.

mothergoose_nz, Dec 28, 10:16pm
must have been the 5 year old with the camera