SLR TORANA. Finally got my torana started after 15 yearsnow ready to remove engine and paint engine bay then start on the body i

lumpster, Oct 28, 8:58am
Finally got my torana started after 15 years.Now ready to remove engine and paint engine bay then start on the body. Im still thinking of barbados green. The car now is a factory aqua blue and looks horrid.what do you think!

owene, Oct 28, 9:38am
Paint it invisible so that no-one can see it.

cmx4eva, Oct 28, 10:12am
definatly vermillion fire with the black outs,hope you have the bolt on flares and deep dish mags to complete the picture.I remember way back when a good replica sold for $3,500 with a sweet 327 and auto on nice wide simmonds with the gold centres,had an lJ gtr myself=much better looking car allround imo

pnh4, Oct 28, 10:43am
& maybe add afterma iodizd bits, would b nice shavd' as all big flat panelld.

bigjerry, Oct 28, 7:17pm
cool lumpster. another fine Holden about to be given a tidy up aye. Give us lots of pics as the project progresses. My 2 cents worth, label and bag EVERYTHING when stripping it because while it may seem obvious what goes where, thats not always the case when it comes time to put it together. As for the paint, i dont mind that aqua blue, kind of a sleeper colour but if you go green, get some rivets and flares buddy!

mrfxit, Oct 28, 7:37pm
Theres always the harlequin paint job.
The classic is for shades of green but theres 1 down my street thats been done in orange/reds & it's blimin good

bellky, Oct 28, 7:54pm
paint it the og colour if it's an slr

lumpster, Oct 28, 8:11pm
Yes the the car is a factory SLR so i want to try an keep it a 74-75 colour and im not quite sure if i should flare it or not! The car has nowgot a 400+ hp 308 , m21 , and a 9 inch. all recond and done professionallywith papers.

bellky, Oct 28, 8:24pm
sounds porn. i personally wouldn't flare it. but i would make sure i had the boot spoiler and decals.

lumpster, Oct 28, 8:39pm
It has the factory front & rear spoilers & i have all the decals

toshibanz, Oct 28, 8:57pm
Totally agree with bigjerry, the aqua inst too bad a colour when its all flared up and side decals. Deff make sure the flares are the OE type they look way more gruntier than some aftermarket ones. When I worked at Wrightcars we had one straight from the track arrive, Silver with black flares and moldings. Honestly its something I'll never forget.

I loved the Yellow, but when they bought out the two "plus fours" in yellow and green I went off them. My fav now is the orange !

attitudedesignz, Oct 28, 9:01pm
Barbados green./ thread.

dave653, Oct 28, 10:57pm
'Vermillion' is a ford colour!

the-lada-dude, Oct 28, 11:18pm
nipple pink . and sell it to a sucker

patiki1, Oct 29, 1:01am
400+ with a m21,good luck.What mods have you done!

lumpster, Oct 29, 1:29am
Will be up grading brakes & suspension soon, the rest will be done when it goes on road testing.

beblowin, Oct 29, 9:28pm
good time to hide all that wiring and brake lines when preping the engine bay, smooth out all those spot weilds and joining seems, will be worth it afterwards.

beblowin, Oct 29, 9:31pm
dont know if you want to but removing the heater makes the engine bay look that much cleaner and makes the car that wee bit lighter.

brokebloke1, Oct 30, 1:43am
Against the law now unles you have someway to demist the front windscreen, and no a rag wont do

bellky, Oct 30, 1:45am
this is a fact in aus but in nz!

beblowin, Oct 30, 2:07am
brokebloke1were did you get this info from! that rule only applys to COFA in NZ, check it out propperly dude.

lumpster, Nov 5, 4:27am
I'm hiding the wiring,washer bottles and bonnet cable.The battery is in the boot so it should nice and clean.

extrayda, Nov 5, 9:50am
If its a genuine SLR I wouldn't change much, definitely keep any bits you take off it / replace so that you can return it to original later if you want.
If I was going the flares / delooming / smoothing etc route, I'd do it to a normal Torana and build a look alike.You would devalue an SLR by modding it.Maybe paint / mags to add your own touch.But then I'm a bit boring that way !
I'd take out the original block / box / diff and replace it with a 671 supercharged 350 chev and ford 9" (I'm still stuck in the 80's :-).Then put it back to original if I ever sold it.

lumpster, Feb 1, 3:09pm
The trouble is that the car body and interior are original but the 308 ,
M21 box & 9 inch are not they were all done around 17 years ago and the car has not been on the road for 16 years.I bought the car 6 months ago& would love to take to original but i can't so with around 12k in receipts for all the mechanical work i will make the body work nice as well. The car is a SLR but not a full original. I have been in the panel beating trade for 27 years and never really had a keeper so im taking time and making this one real nice.