Help plz Hilux Benchseat!

josephine6, Nov 18, 10:39pm
Hi can anyone tell me if it's possible to put a benchseat in a 2010 toyota hilux and if so any idea's of cost. need a six seater but want a ute with alot of space for camping etc.!

mugenb20b, Nov 18, 10:48pm
Vans have more space and seats than utes. "I want a Lamborghini Countach with lots of room and 6 seats for camping etc."

josephine6, Nov 18, 10:52pm
waste of time idiot but thnx dahh.

josephine6, Nov 18, 10:55pm
also vans are no good forfarms DIPS@#$

mugenb20b, Nov 18, 11:08pm
Your first post mentioned no farms, so yeah, sorry, my crystal ball failed me. I'm such a terrible person.
Anyway, I can't recall seeing any bench seats in 2010 Hiluxes, but might pay to ring Toyota and see what they have to say.

a.woodrow, Nov 19, 2:11am
You can get 4wd vans, potty mouth

a.woodrow, Nov 19, 2:13am
And no option for bench seats in toyota hilux. I doubt you would be able to retro fit anything aftermarket - too much hassle with seatbelts and seat mounts

vtecintegra, Mar 16, 12:46pm
There is heaps of stuff in the way of where your legs would go anyway -