Toyota camry deregistered, best way to sell!

orileysswlo, Jan 13, 3:34am
We have a toyota camry sedan ok condition all around, a few small dents here and there, 205,000 kms
Fully replaced the transition on it 18months ago has only been used a maximum of 20 times since then and has now been sitting in our driveway for 18months un used.
Wont start now obviouslly battery is dead etc,
Just want to get rid off now what is the best way!
And what should i expect for it roughly!

phillip.weston, Jan 13, 3:36am
what year is it! 1982 or 2008! will make a big difference in value.

orileysswlo, Jan 13, 3:43am
sorry forgot i hadnt added that bit! 1997

orileysswlo, Jan 13, 3:44am
I was thinking of ringing around the wreckers! or pickapart!

jason18, Jan 13, 5:34am
1 dollar reserve will get you a good [price i would say

dasfi, Jan 13, 6:14am
ill come take it off your hands if you like

orileysswlo, Jan 13, 9:20am
how much does it cost to re register it! i was hoping to get
atleast $500 as is, it cost $1100 to do the transition. at that time the guy who did it said it would be worth $3,000.

m16d, Jan 14, 6:12am
Wot is "transition".!

orileysswlo, Jan 14, 6:20am
woops lol, transmission.

ema1, Jan 14, 9:08pm
Advertise it, that's the only way of answering your question.I would have thought. Is it a V6 cylinder 3litre or a 4 cylinder 2.2itre engine!

orileysswlo, Jan 15, 12:31am
v6 3litre

gunhand, Jan 15, 12:35am
What is "Wot" !

r15, Jan 15, 1:40am
old model- 1990ish to 1997ish
new model - 1997ish to 2002 ish !

this will make a difference to everyone's guesses as well

orileysswlo, Jan 17, 1:59am
Nope is 1997 =)

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