Mitsi 6a12 motor

a18a, Nov 22, 1:13am
are these worth anything! still goes fine, just the clutch died

phillip.weston, Nov 22, 3:08am
there are about 6 different variants of the 6A12 motor - might help to state if it's SOHC, DOHC, MIVEC or from the earlier 92-96 west-east orientation or the later 96-02 east-west orientation.

a18a, Nov 22, 7:48pm
woops, didn't know that. It's a sohc 24 valve, fwd motor from a early 90s(!) galant, E54A I think it is.

just wanna know if it would be worth selling as a motor or just scrap it now

thunderbolt, Nov 22, 9:29pm
Now worth fixing or selling car as is where is!

elvis58, Nov 23, 12:40am
I have one of those here, have run it thru trademe a few times with no success.Good luck selling it, possibly better if it was a trans you had :)

phillip.weston, Nov 23, 12:57am
You could probably sell the distributor for $100 alone. Rest of the motor would probably be scrap value which is a shame as they go fairly well. I reckon you may get $100-200 for it on trademe.

floscey, Nov 23, 1:46am
nope .mightget $100 4 scrap.

elvis58, Nov 23, 9:05am
I'd happily sell the one I have for that!

a18a, Nov 23, 9:41am
sweet, now i know i can just rip it out with the digger instead of doing it properly. cheers.

phillip.weston, Nov 23, 10:29am
is there anything else wrong with the car other than a clutch!

a18a, Nov 23, 10:35am
it's pretty rough, I was gonna fix it up, but then I found out it was de-reg, so decided to just scrap/wreck it

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