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whoz_datgurl, Jan 17, 11:44pm
went to look on siode of motor to look at what numbers it is to see if a 20 or 25 but someone has shaved off the print so the only thing there is *******1 ( not a certian number of stars just blank and then the number one, any other way of looking for this!

andrea_w, Jan 17, 11:50pm

Got a pic of the engine! Unless it's a hybrid, its pretty easy to tell what the engine is by looking at it.

jsbike, Jan 17, 11:54pm
you were looking on the side of the motor, at the rear, on the exhaust manifold side!

whoz_datgurl, Jan 17, 11:54pm
no sorry like weve been told its a 20 but u know how u can look on the side of the engine and its has a series of numbers to tell you. these have been grinded off!

vtecintegra, Jan 17, 11:54pm
Potentially stolen!

whoz_datgurl, Jan 17, 11:57pm
no not chass number or anything its not stolen its reg'd.

whoz_datgurl, Jan 17, 11:58pm
lol this is too confusing i should get a picture of motor :)

jsbike, Jan 18, 12:06am
the number that says rb20, 25 or 30 is on the passengers side, under the exhaust manifold, at the very back of the motor.

whoz_datgurl, Jan 18, 12:08am
will i be able to view this with motor in the car.

whoz_datgurl, Jan 18, 12:08am
i am blonde.

jsbike, Jan 18, 12:10am
yeah, you should be able to, pretty sure you can see it with a torch looking from the top. it wont say if its a de or a det though, you will need pull the sump off to find that out

whoz_datgurl, Jan 18, 12:14am
haha 20years and taken soz love :)

whoz_datgurl, Jan 18, 12:20am
thanks jsbike. will look into it today. thanks.

ct9a, Jan 18, 3:33am
thats a 20e

jsbike, Jan 18, 5:42am
no it isnt, its a 30e.

towelynz, Jan 18, 5:48am

ct9a, Jan 18, 8:56pm
they are both the same visually and interchangerble from head right down to the sump,just the block slighlty different ,stroke etc etc.

towelynz, Jan 18, 9:22pm
I could tell by the photo.I have a 30 in my cef project.

jsbike, Jan 18, 10:15pm
then you should have said "looks rb20e or rb30e". Even then, its not hard to tell the diff between the 2 just by looking at them.

towelynz, Jan 18, 10:21pm
Rookies.Not you JS

1ollie, Jan 18, 11:42pm
You sound like a fucking cock boy towelynz we dont need any more idiots in the RB scene there are enough allready! no need to act like a idiot and bum people out over such a stupid little thing. If your not into sohc rubbish hardout an take a quick glance at that photo there is no way your going to pick it!

towelynz, Jan 19, 12:09am
Waa, waa,lighten up.If I wanted to bum him out I would have typed out something more in your style, "you sound like a fu. cock"Nice.

ct9a, Jan 19, 2:57am
haha end of the day my RB in the shed has 850whp. more then this idiot will have so meh

towelynz, Jan 19, 3:07am
Dyno sheet!Dyno sheet, Dyno sheet, Dyno Sheet!If is says 850whp, I'll get you to put mine together.So meh,Prove it big boy!

ct9a, Jan 19, 3:36am
was front cover performance car old tune

search power origin on you tube shows its 1st dyno 521kw

now runs a few other secret goodies and 38psi

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