HELP! Mitsubishi Chariot Grandis Exced 98

tttom, Jan 19, 1:10am
Looking for any help please guys.

Went to start it this morning and it wouldnt work. But of late it has been going great.

Just had new coils and sparks put in. Fan Belt has been abit noisy but was oiled as car has been sitting for 6 months in storage.

Anyway, I go to turn the key on just before you start it, The lights on the dash come on, then the 2 Engine fans start spinning fast even before I have ignited the engine.

Then I go to start it, and it just chug, chug, chug, chugs along but doesnt turn over. This happened about 2 days ago, but I just left it off for like 5 hours and started it and it went.

Any ideas as to whats causing this!

Have ruled out alternator as batt seems to be going fine.Howevermy last batt was flat so I had a spare batt with the big poles, but my car originally had the small poles. But I just adjusted the rings that go around Postive and Negative and it seemed to run great.Could this be the problem!

Tried pulling out fan fuses, and when dash lights up the fans are not working but car still wont start.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless

tttom, Jan 19, 2:15am
Have indeed, but to no avail.:(

yogibearz, Jan 19, 3:59am
does it have an etv,electronic throttle valve,is the throttle plate free! or jambed in the throttle body,pull off the air intake hose at the throttlebody and have a look at the plate.

tttom, Jan 20, 3:10am
Do you mean the 'Air Flow Meter'!

yogibearz, Jan 13, 1:42pm
yes take the air flow meter and its tube off and ensure the throttle plate is free. however reading your original post you say it wont wind over so this wont be the cause. if it still wont turn over have you checked the starter motor,also wriggle the gear lever to se if it may have an inhibitor switch fault. i have also seen on these battery acid leak from around and under the battery tray into a main wiring loom multi plug under and slightly behind the battery tray and or into the inhibitor switch on top of the gearbox.may be worth checking

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