EMAIL the SELLER question! How much characters

marsta_j, Jan 20, 8:45pm
Is there a limit to how much characters I can send to the seller through this!

I send through details of my car to see if the seller is keen 4 a swap, all up there is about 1100 characters. and it shows all the info before I submit.

But then i get a few replies, asking for that same info thats at the middle/bottom of the list, so I then asked if they get this and that etc, but apparently not.

So even though it shows all the info/characters before i Submit, does it only send through a certain amount!

marsta_j, Jan 21, 2:14am
any1 know>!

im_andrew, Jan 21, 2:17am
Take it up with trademe.

neo_psy, 5 days, 12 hours
Just ask if he wants to swap for an "XYZ" and to e-mail you for all the details cos it wont all fit.

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