Nutter finds Holdens ARE good for something:

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richardmayes, Nov 26, 5:41am

19ld74, Nov 26, 5:56am
Distasteful thread . voted off . children could have been seriously injured or killed so I don't find it a laughing matter myself, sorry Richard .

richardmayes, Nov 26, 6:02am
While I might share your feelings if someone in fact HAD been injured or killed, the reality is that nobody was.

Certainly the scene was pretty secure and under control by the time my little girl and I walked past this afternoon.

You are therefore a humourless wowser and you should probably get a life!

a.woodrow, Nov 26, 6:03am
You're voting off a thread that is a link to a news story! Lame

19ld74, Nov 26, 6:05am
Yet you delight in the fact that it was funny . and you say I am the one who needs to get a life . got a mirror! .try taking a good look . especially if you took your child past it voluntarily . that shows what kind of person you are . I would never have walked my children close to a vehicle that had been on fire .

Have you ever gone up to fireworks that never exploded or fizzled!You are this guy probably . and the reason why my ex partner has a busy lifestyle working her ass off in hospital repairing injured people from such accidents . think next time before acting then posting .

19ld74, Nov 26, 6:06am
Voting it off for the distasteful glorification of the event and insensitive manner in which it was done . not the link and the story . just the person who started the thread could have brought attention to it in a different manner .

richardmayes, Nov 26, 6:10am
You're a real hero.

a.woodrow, Nov 26, 6:10am
Oh well, your vote won't get rid of it so no worries.
Just stay out of the thread if you can't handle the heat lol

19ld74, Nov 26, 6:11am
All just proof that Dicks live in Wellington . OP and the car burning guy

richardmayes, Nov 26, 6:12am
*** Resists temptation to respond with barbed Christchurch comment***

19ld74, Nov 26, 6:14am
Why!I am not from Christchurch . I am from up north near you . but not Wellington

a.woodrow, Nov 26, 6:17am
You have to resort to name calling to win arguments!.Lamer

richardmayes, Nov 26, 6:18am
You have "Christchurch City" in your profile, I assumed that was true. is it not true!

19ld74, Nov 26, 6:19am
Erm Dick is short for Richard so no, your argument falls flat on its face there .

19ld74, Nov 26, 6:19am
I live there yes . not where I was born though . or were you born in Wellington and lived there all your life too . if so that is great . but most people i know have at least moved away from home since leaving school .

a.woodrow, Nov 26, 6:20am
Yeah I bet you thought you were being clever there, but actually you weren't

19ld74, Nov 26, 6:23am
Maybe I would have benefited more from an Invercargill education perhaps!

falcon-hell, Nov 26, 6:23am
i think trademe ought to star a nanas thread for some of these old women hanging around in motoring,lol

ralphdog1, Nov 26, 6:24am
Shoo off back to General where you clearly belong.

a.woodrow, Nov 26, 6:25am
Who knows! I wasn't educated in Invercargill

a.woodrow, Nov 26, 6:26am
Or parenting maybe!

br.jacko, Nov 26, 7:23am
he was taking piss outa holdens ,you pole smoking kinder flicker.

grangies, Nov 26, 7:38am



friendly_prawn, Nov 26, 8:46am
I dont normally vote, but in this case I'll make an exception. You fun police are ruining this site. Learn to smile, learn to laugh a little. . Lifes way to short to take everything so seriously. VOTED!
And look I even do it with a smile. lol

leighfrancesca, Nov 26, 9:05am
Cool story bro!