Suzuki 4x4 bike oil 4 motor bike!

ray59, Jan 21, 7:08pm
Hi,Im looking at changeing the oil in the motor of my bike, does any one know what grade I should use, Its 2 wheel drive only

desmodave, Jan 21, 7:26pm

Something like this should be fine.Lots of brands out there just make sure you use a dedecated MC / quad oil and not a standard car oil that has friction modifiers that could harm you quad bikes clutch.

ray59, Jan 21, 7:52pm
Cheers would you know how much they hold.2 ltrs!

desmodave, Jan 21, 10:19pm
Notsure been ages since ive played with 1.Shouldnt take to much.Call your local suzuki dealer to make sure.Check the sump and dip stick area it might have it written on it.I think they may run an internal oil filter thats behind a small round cover that is held on by a few screws.You will have to take the right rear wheel off to get a good look from memory

ray59, Jan 18, 1:13pm
thank you guys .

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