Nissan silvia missing and sounding like a subaru

frogs61, Nov 27, 10:19am
I got a nissan silvia s14 and put a sr20de in the other day, took it for a drive around the hills tonight, It drove fine, had oil / coolent etc and turned it off for 20 mins then drove home and it was constintly missing and sounding like a subaru, it was missing sometimes while i was driving but then after I turned it off. Did it constintly. I have not changed the spark plugs and also a hose is off the block partially. Would that be that problem! Also I over fulled the engine with way to much oil when I stuck it in, turned car on for 30 secs then drained the rest , that wouldn't be the problem aswell! Thanks/

ginga4lyfe, Nov 27, 11:47am
could be HEAPS of things, like a bad injector or bad connection to injector, but could be as you say, the plugs could be bad, but so could the leads, heck one of the leads may not actually be on properly, too many variables to say with out being at the car and physically checking it over

skin1235, Nov 28, 2:41am
sr20de have coil over plugs don't they!
I know a lot of engines have today, and have had quite a few of the earlier ones ( s13/, s14 era) with shot coils, maybe it's their age!

spandkp, Nov 28, 3:32am
This and it could be vacuum leaks. Mine started with an injector then later on got it again and was vacuum leaks

moosie_21, Nov 28, 8:54am
Gutted it sounds like a Subaru and not a V10 Viper.

horsepower7, Nov 28, 9:05am
my old skyline had same problem, turned out to be the coil packs.

vivac, Nov 28, 8:17pm
No, SR20 are dizzy, DET are coilpack.
Fuel or spark, take your pick and start looking.

frogs61, Jun 7, 4:45pm
it was water in the spark plug hole lol then moisture up in the spark plug plug