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thelms, Jan 20, 5:51am
I hate when someone says "the bullshit stops when the flag drops"

thelms, Jan 20, 5:58am
like having surgery with no anesthesia and you can see and hear your surgeon!

lookoutas, Jan 20, 5:58am
Well it does.

lookoutas, Jan 20, 6:03am
I like the guy at the Supercars that sez.

Ez abawt ez frustratid ez a cet with direar try'n a dega ole en concreet

thelms, Jan 20, 6:04am

1fordluva, Jan 20, 6:07am
A driver that says "Thats motor racing for you" When they were at fault for rooting a good race car!

lookoutas, Jan 20, 6:08am
Or someone else's.

1fordluva, Jan 20, 6:15am
Agreed,I have a pet hate for that,its "yes" or "no" You cannot have is an oxy moron like the person saying it!

richynuts, Jan 20, 6:22am
Yeah =I know what your saying but Nah = Your not even close mate what friggin race have you been watching!

sunshineflower2, Jan 20, 6:40am
anytime someone mentions 'the hill' or 'the mountain' at Pukekohe when cars are going over 'the speedbump'

kazbanz, Jan 20, 7:07am
--dude when do you two EVER actually keep the rubber side down!
If you wanted to save effort on painting the underside of the trike you coulda given one corner marshal a spraycan.

The one I hate is--"he'll be back" when someone anounces theyve retired

kazbanz, Jan 20, 7:08am
yea mon but before taupo it was the closest thing to a hill we had at any racetrack

chris.f, Jan 20, 7:55am
When commentators state "and it's a drag race.blah blah blah" whenever two racers happen to be heading side by side in the same direction. Well NO, it's not a drag race at all really.

socram, Jan 20, 8:38am
OP - it was Frank Gardner's saying "When the flag drops, the bullshit stops" - and for my money, one of the best quotes ever.

Saying I hate to hear, from a competitor who has either biffed or blocked me -"Sorry, I didn't realise you were just beside/behind me."

sudsy99, Jan 20, 8:44am
1) "Ah well, thats racing"
2) "Ran out of real estate"
3) "Ran out of talent"
3) "It was an electrical problem, conrod went through the alternator"

whqqsh, Jan 20, 8:52am
doesnt make it Bathurst or Pikes peak though does it

m16d, Jan 20, 8:53am
Don't know about ones I hate. but I always loved Michele Alboreto's comment in F1 turbo years ago when the Ferarri smoked its way to the finish.
He was asked, were you concerned about the smoke.!
He answered in his Italian accent."Whats a behind me is not important"

mk3zephyr, Jan 20, 8:54am
I hate the pricks who after a race come up and whinge etc because they couldnt get past me and then go crying to the class rep, Mate if you are that good a driver, go around me

sudsy99, Jan 20, 8:57am
Not blocking were you!Holding your line!

kwaka5, Jan 20, 9:14am
Sheen. Thats Falcon unbelieveable :)

mk3zephyr, Jan 20, 9:21am
nope, holding my line, he could catch me on the straights then i would pull away from him in the corners, i dont think he liked that lol

henderson_guy, Jan 20, 9:27am
Waikaraka Park."Click ya Bics" EVERY FRIGGEN TIME he read out the results!

richynuts, Jan 20, 9:36am
Hate it when guys go hire a transponder and keep going on abouttheir lap times and they're so damn slow, all I want to say is "just concentrate on riding the bloody thing and keep passing the dude in front of you!"

lookoutas, Jan 21, 4:59am
Well, it is close to a hill - but it's not a friggin mountain!

For that matter - nor is Panorama.

1fordluva, Jan 21, 5:28am
Have you ever been up panorama!
Its as steep as hell!

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