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rock_dat, Jan 23, 1:42am
Around 10 years ago, my first car was a BFMR Mazda 323 which I bought for $2100 Back then, I would've been able to buy older RX7's for around 2-3k and there was a time I could find standard s13 silvias go for around the 2-4k mark before the whole drifting craze took off. Also noone would even take our old rusty Corolla DX for free at the time.

In your opinion in 10-15 years time. What cars in the current market will be sought after and would appreciate in price like the rotaries, early evos, AE85/86's etc.

whqqsh, Jan 23, 1:47am
hard to predict especially when it depends on fads & fashions, who would ever have thought grandmas toyota 1200 or early 70s mitsi lancer shopping baskets would fetch the money they are today!

trogedon, Jan 23, 2:22am
Low production figure models and hi lux or hi performance variants.

franc123, Jan 23, 2:25am
lol, nobody did, especially given the rate in which those old KE30-70 Corollas, RWD Starlets, and of course the equivalent Datsuns were being ordered off the road due to rust about 10-15 years ago.They were considered to be tinny, cramped and mundane crap that wasn't worth fixing.Personally I'd be finding the best stock standard R32 I could find and locking that away, it won't be too long before an unmolested one of those will be a very rare sight.

carkitter, Jan 23, 2:32am
MX5s and WRXs.
Especially the last WRX before the POS new hatchback model.

Judging by the resurgence in interest in the HQ Holden, I'd say the VE will has a good chance of being the next 'cheap one make race class' of the next 20 yrs. VE is by far the best thing that Holden has ever made and I think local enthusiasts will remember that for some time to come.

Good design never gets old so I think Audis 'S' and 'RS' models will stay sought after for quite a while.

paul271, Jan 23, 2:43am
Early EVO lancers, Turbo skylines, Turbo imprezas would be my pick. My theory on this is that cars that young guys aspired to own when they were 16-26 that they could NEVER afford then, are the future desirable cars when they are cashed up. Thi is why there is such a strong market for GTs, monaros, HOs etc at the moment. But this will pass as the young guys of today grow older. To possibly prove my point, look at the veteran cars of the 20s and 30s that there used to be a market for. All the owners of these used to crave one when they were younger, and so bought/restored one when they got older. But the car guys of today (my age of 38 I guess) arent interested in them as they werent what we grew up with and lusted after. Our only interest in them might be for a hot rod, but not as an original car.

m16d, Jan 23, 2:51am
If your looking at it as an investment, you'd be better of sticking the money in the bank.

socram, Jan 23, 3:01am
As several have forecasted the end of the world in 2012 or 2014 depending on who you read, spend the money now on wine women and song instead.

jsbike, Jan 23, 3:04am
skylines, cefiros and laurels, or pretty much any boy-racer car that had a period of being the thing to have. mainly because in years to come there will be less and less of them in decent condition or havent been hacked up. guys will be "I rem when i had one of them" and want one again. I know i'd like a decent old like another old r30 skyline

brokebloke1, Jan 23, 3:04am
i just bought a original VH commodore with a 308 and 4 speed
1 owner with 80,000km on it, still has tape deck stereo!

this will be my retirement money LOL

afer_daily, Jan 23, 3:22am

sandypheet, Jan 23, 3:30am
VL Commodore

elect70, Jan 23, 3:37am
probably have hqs for next 10 years Aussies makenew replacementsfor just about every panelmust be millions ofold motors around .

richynuts, Jan 23, 3:41am
Got to rememberif we are still alive and kicking after 2012 and the world is still as we know it. there is only 15,656 days left till we run out of oil so do we really want to be collecting cars! maybe better to think about collecting memorabilia!

neville48, Jan 23, 5:28am
if you lsten to the freaks the world is ending on december the 12th 2012 anyway so go out and get yur collectables and have yur fun because you wont be worried about resale. when the big bang happens we will all be equalized immediately. Mooohaha

bigjerry, Jan 23, 5:41am
franc123 wrote:
lol, nobody did, especially given the rate in which those old KE30-70 Corollas, RWD Starlets, and of course the equivalent Datsuns were being ordered off the road due to rust about 10-15 years ago.
I had a real tidy rear wheel drive starlet, you could tell then it was cool. The RWD aspect.

richynuts, Jan 23, 5:55am
Tongue in cheek comment about 12th 2012. though true about running out of oil,things WILL change about how we travel we moan about the cost of fuel now,whats the cost going to be like when bio fuel is the only option! Price of rice and corn etc will go through the roof and the third world will be starving even more.

likit, Jan 23, 7:13am
Any aussie 6 or 8,just look at their history to date.My old man purchased a new VG Valiant in 1971 for $3995,try & find one that price now

socram, Jan 23, 7:45am
I'd go for anything without electronics, without moulded carpets, with a minimum of plastic that will probably age harden.

Older cars are just about always restorable and many of today's cars will not be restorable once the dealer's shelves of spare components are empty.

rayzor14, Jan 23, 7:52am
EF/EL Xr series Falcons might not be a silly bet.
Perhaps another 10yrs till they start fetching great money but good examples are already selling for more now than they were 2 years ago.
VN SS Commodores.still half reasonable pricing but it is only going to go up for good ones.
R32 Skyline in GTST, GTS4 or GTR format. If it isnt stock then return it to stock, lock it in an insured lockup and reap much better than term deposit rates.
300ZX (90-96) Twin turbo manuals. Still available for chump change today but good examples will be worth a mint in years to come.the values of 240,260,280 and Z31 300Z have increased to crazy dollars and the Z32 will follow.

gt4nz, Jan 23, 8:35am
I would like an Original Tommi Makkinen Evo 6.5 that is unmolested

clark20, Jan 23, 8:45am
Hell, I thought you were my brother (Paul) for a second, but he's a lot older. Same opinion, what are the young guys lusting after at the moment! That's what they will buy when they get some money in 20 years. But how much does it cost to keep something for 20 years! Lock it away! Insurance , storage, rust proofing , theft etc. so it may be worth $20,000 in 20 years time (could be a months wages by then). Put the money in the bank.

nick_o_teen, Jan 23, 9:00am
original manual cars eg skylines. and the mighty supra's! i wouldnt mind 1 of those!

carkitter, Jan 23, 9:02am
The only Aussie sixes that have ever had any real street cred are the ones that have given the V8's of the time a run for thier money - the Nissan Turbo powered mid eighties Commodore, the Tickford XR6 Turbo Ford and the legendary Valiants from the 70's. Everything else was a boat anchor.

carkitter, Jan 23, 9:14am
I disagree. I think these cars are only popular with young people at the low end of the market. When this generation of boy racers grows up and gets some serious cash they'll go after some serious machinery, not the worn out wrecks from yesteryear.

Only the cars with serious pedigree like the Skyline GTR, Tommi Makinen Edition Evo, STi and RX7 Batmobile will retain any interest.

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