Nissan terrano help. Httpimagestrademeconzphotoserver71157970071fulljpg can someone tell me what this switch does please

jasongroves, Jan 26, 7:10am
One of the left is for the on the right is for the 4WD system.

fishfun, Jan 26, 7:16am
thanks but what does the one on the left do

robell, Jan 26, 7:58am
The one on the left is for the auto transmission, power mode give slightly more power by changing when the next gear is selected (instead of economy mode) , Hold mode holds the transmission in what ever gear is selected on the gear selector (123D etc) good for going up or down steep hills, hope that makes sence !

fishfun, Jan 26, 8:09am
Thanks for your help. so. would you use this for towing and or off roading

robell, Jan 26, 8:20am
power mode i would use around town driving and switch off on hiway,
Hold mode i would use whenever i want to hold the transmission in a particular gear, say going over to Akaroa i would use it on the hills. Just go out and have a play and see what happens and feels right.

fishfun, Feb 7, 9:01pm
thanks robell going to have a play

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