Nissan Terrano help. I have a light on my dash staying onorange with the letters abswhat is it telling me

fbndecor, Aug 7, 5:12am
I have a light on my dash staying on.Orange with the letters ABS.What is it telling me!

rob_man, Aug 7, 5:20am
Your stomach muscles need tightening.

dent, Aug 7, 5:54am
you have a fault with your anti lock braking system. You need to take it to someone with a diagnostics tool and get them to scan the computer and find out whats wrong.

beblowin, Aug 7, 6:12am
time for a checkup, the scan should show up the problem

fbndecor, Aug 7, 6:15am
Thanks, so is it ok to drive like that!Our local garage doesn't have one, so I have to take it to town which is 35km away

fbndecor, Aug 7, 6:16am
I didn't need a light on my truck to tell me that lol ;-)

grangies, Aug 7, 6:45am
Does it realise that the seat belt it coming out too far!.

brodie64, Aug 7, 1:37pm
If the light is on it means that your anti lock braking system is not working. So pretty much you are driving a vehicle that has normal everyday brakes (like an older Terrano). It could be something as simple as a sensor has been knocked or a wire has broken or been disconnected some how. Either way, if the light is on, you will FAIL a WOF inspection so its best to get it checked and sooner rather than later.

fbndecor, Sep 20, 12:04pm
Oh thanks that's reassuring to know it is still safe to drive to the garage.It just passed a warrant 10 days ago and has only done about 800km since.Hope it is only something minor!