VZ Commodore noisey heater fan

mortluby, Dec 5, 7:26am
How easy to get it out and is it serviceable!

3tomany, Dec 5, 8:06am
check theres not a leaf in the system

mortluby, Dec 5, 8:47am
No leaf. Apparently common for these units to have noisy bushes/bearings.
Found an Aussie site that instructed on how to remove the fan (5 minute job). Stripped it down and it has moisture damage and dry bearings/bushes.
Lubed it up, cleaned out the rust and gunk and put it back in but it is still the same.

Edit: same = tad quieter but still noisy.

mortluby, Dec 10, 9:28pm
Well, the 2 days after I did this the damn thing quietened right down, no ticks etc (and yes, it is still working). Hopefully it will last.
2 of the other guys at work will probably also do this to their cars as theirs are noise too.

saki, May 24, 6:59am
You didnt change the bearings!