Caravan Electric Brake question

yendor, Jan 27, 3:16am
Thinking about getting a small camper/caravan around the 900 - 1000kg size. It has electric brakes. Can you use any brand of controller or do they have to be a matched set!

bigfatmat1, Jan 27, 8:10am
any controller will do. They range in price and functions being a light van a cheap one would be fine I quite often wire a charge wire. through a vsr at the same time as installing the brake control units. Then change the plug to a twelve pin They handle the current this way it will charge ya battery while travelling so you can have ya fridge going and keep ya beers cold for when ya stop for a rest.

jono2912, Jan 27, 8:13am
Hey BFM, can you please reply to my thread, (The one where Andrea and I were discussing wiring) Cheers.

yendor, Jan 27, 8:34am
VSR is that a Voltage Sensitive Relay!

busdriverman, Jan 27, 8:42am
I have a new unused electric brake controller that I got with our caravan a couple of years ago. I think the brand is Hayes, but I am not at home till next monday night so I can't confirm that.

If you want me to list it, let me know.


bigfatmat1, Jan 27, 11:23pm
Yes not the cheapest way but by far the safest and best way They cost about $109+ if you get a dual sense one when you charge your caravan battery It will charge ya vehicle batt as well if plugged in which can be handy

yendor, Jan 28, 11:31pm
Thanks busdriverman, will keep it in mind.

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