2002 Toyota Camry wagon 330 000 km

rachael38, Jan 26, 10:15pm
we can buy my hubby's work vehical as they are up-grading him.It has done huge KMs and is in tired condition.But he hasn't had any mechanical trouble with it.My current car needs work done on it that is more than the cost of the car - so buying Paul's old work car could be a great compromise.
How much should we offer!I am hoping for less than $1000 but don't want to be totally rude and ungracious to his work.

mottly, Jan 26, 10:19pm
$1000 sounds fair - they're the most reliable cars eva

morrisman1, Jan 26, 10:40pm
$1000 is potentially on the low side if it is in tidy condition. If its has been maintained properly its whole life then 330,000 is nothing for the engine and gearbox but remember things like suspension components wear regardless of maintenance. The bushes, dampeners are the commonly wearing components.

rachael38, Jan 26, 10:52pm
OK - we'll offer $1000.We can get the money together if it is worth it.We were hoping for less because of all the expense coming up with school starting etc.

rachael38, Jan 26, 10:56pm
Am hoping they'll throw in the fuel card as well.

rachael38, Jan 26, 11:15pm
Are toyotas expensive to maintain!I currently have a holden vectra and mechanics hate it as everything is hard to get access to in the engine area.

franc123, Jan 26, 11:26pm
In the case of the Camry, hell no!I'd be ditching your Vectra ASAP for whatever you can get for it and securing the Camry before someone else does.Those Vectras have always been cheaply built expensive to fix rubbish that masquerades as a quality European car.You need to use parts sources in the UK to operate one of those economically, local prices for parts and service have always been excessive.A vehicle that you know the full history of, and know how and where its been driven is ALWAYS an asset, especially if the budget isn't large.

purple666, Jan 26, 11:33pm
Paid $1500 for a similar one recently, figured it was a bargin and it still is, 2001 314,000ks

rachael38, Jan 27, 12:43am
Thanks for the advice.We have spent hundreds on the vectra in the past couple of years and now wish we sold it then.We'll make an offer on the toyota camry and if they reject it then we'll go higher.

mottly, Jan 27, 2:11am
good idea - ditch the vectra. You can't go wrong with a camry - they're pretty easy to work on, parts are very easy to get, and they're well priced too. (not that you really need to buy parts for them, because they're like the energizer bunny.they just keep going.and going.).Just make sure you keep the oil changes upto date.:)

dent, Jan 27, 8:07am
Sorry if im blind but you havent informed us what engine is in the camry.

pauloc, Jan 27, 10:09am
jazz should they buy a punto!

scoobeey, Jan 27, 10:15am
A punto surely Jazz wouldnt suggest that

doug207, Jan 27, 10:34am
Probably a 2.2.a V6 would be very dead by those km.

mottly, Jan 28, 12:33am
I agree, the 2.2 is in my camry, hate that signature 'whistle', but she's a great engine.

rachael38, Jan 29, 7:22am
yes,it is a 2.2.

nokiacellphone, Jan 29, 8:43am
what is its book value with the company

sassygirls, Jan 29, 10:16pm
wow interesting we have a 1995 camry done 156000 kms always passers wof tidy condition.what sort of price do you think we could get! any help be great thanks.

sassygirls, Jan 29, 10:23pm
thanks apart from a ding in back door from wind blowing gate in to it its in very tidy condition and its a station wagon.

mrysone, Feb 18, 1:09am
My last camry 98 wagon had done 432000kmand had never missed a beat-good buying at $1k