Re Toyota Camry listing #349788149

neville48, Jan 29, 5:07am
check out the listing details re the cam chain, then the question re the cam chain vs cam belt , who is right please,presuming it is a std factory engine.

vtecintegra, Jan 29, 5:19am

franc123, Jan 29, 5:31am
sounds like porkies on the sellers part to me, even the diesel engines in that model had belts too, there weren't any chains used in any Camry in that period.

theknightz, Jan 29, 6:35am
As it was imported from Japan it could have a chain. The NZ new ones were from Australia and they had belts.

jono2912, Jan 29, 7:12am
My 1991 SV30 has a chain, so I've been told.

Ed: Mine is also Manual too. (which is rarer for that model)

jmma, Jan 29, 7:19am
Looks very much like a cambelt cover on the front of his engine!

luxy, Jan 29, 7:59am
It has a plastic front cover therefore it has a belt. The ones with a chain were sealed in a alloy cover

franc123, Jan 29, 8:11am
Agreed, why would you bother with buying that bag of mysterieswhen you could get something already road legal for $1500 and not have to bother with all the revinning crap.Now that an engine bay shot has been included it clearly has an "S" series belt drive engine in it.

phillip.weston, Jan 29, 10:30pm
Nope, the SV30 has the S series petrol engine, definitely belt driven. No S series engine was ever chain driven.

neville48, Jan 30, 3:34am
the seller is VERY convinced he is correct.buyer beware X 2 i suppose.