VT commodore v6 fault codes

mcholden1, Jan 29, 7:39am
ok so now my car has more fault codes 13 23 29 59 63 92 96 help i dont know what to do

dante055, Jan 29, 8:24am

you'll find all the codes there somewhere.and some helpful peeps too

mcholden1, Dec 10, 2:23am
hi my commodore comes up with the fault codes 23, 29, 59, 96 how do i go about fixing these problems and what are they cheers

kingfisher21, Dec 10, 2:38am
23 Air Temp Sensor (Voltage High)
29 EGR Position Sensor Fault
59 Check it again, can't find that one
96 A/C Pressure Sensor Fault

I suggest you clear them all and drive for a few days and check again.

mcholden1, Dec 10, 2:41am
how do i clear them just unplug the battery thanks

kingfisher21, Dec 10, 2:48am
Yup, for at least 10secs, make sure you have the code for your radio though.

mcholden1, Dec 10, 2:50am
sweet its ok its a aftermarket one

mcholden1, Dec 11, 2:53am
been driving around for a bit now and error codes still the same

kingfisher21, Dec 11, 3:13am
Hmmm, strange, non of those faults are really related to each other, possibly a faulty ECU but thats normally pretty unlikely on a Commodore.

mcholden1, Dec 11, 3:59am
the clutch on the ac pump doesnt engage and i have replaced the air temp sensor so have no idea

mortluby, May 24, 2:56pm
Not sure about that generation but we've had 2 VZ ECU's go as well as one on a Rodeo, not bad considering we have 5 VZ's and 1 Rodeo.