DIY fuel tank

morrisman1, Nov 3, 4:05am
Any ideas of a donor container! I need to hold about 15L and needs to house the pump too, which is about 150mm deep. I thought of using a stubby gas bottle but they weigh quite a bit.

Any ideas!

morrisman1, Nov 3, 4:16am
yes car is fuel injected and I am using the original tank module to keep costs down.

jonthefisho, Nov 3, 4:38am
How much do you want to spend

morrisman1, Nov 3, 4:44am
as little as possible

drew2009, Nov 3, 5:04am
20L steel chemical drum with fittings welded on! like the ones they sell toluene ect in.

johnf_456, Nov 3, 5:30am
Convert a outboard tank or portable fuel tank

fordcrzy, Nov 3, 6:28am
heineken keg! :)

morrisman1, Nov 3, 7:42am
Mini Keg! oh yea, they would be perfect if 10L and I could have fun emptying it first.

The chemical drum sounds like a good idea, Ill look into one of them.

owene, Nov 3, 8:41am
Is this for a road going vehicle!

morrisman1, Nov 3, 9:02am
No its not road going!

I had a look in the shed and a morris minor sump is damn near perfect! I will need to weld a flat sheet across the 'top' of it and also fill up where the main bearings sit. Dimensions are good and capacity is about right too.

ginga4lyfe, Nov 3, 10:30pm
a sump from a morry! I though you were trying to save weight!!

bill-robinson, Nov 4, 5:01am
just use a plastic bag. the pump will fit ,the wires and fuel line can come out the top enclose with a rubber band. cheap. yes, easy to get.yes, what more could you wish for! edited to add bigger capacity get a bigger bag. the ultimate fuel system.

matarautrader, Nov 4, 5:04am
How about an alloy fire extinguisher!

drew2009, Nov 4, 6:16am
Wouldn't those be cast iron! Horrible stuff to weld. Not to bad if you bronze it up with an oxy/acet set though.
Plus petrol is really good at finding pinholes and porosity in weld seams so if you do go that option, at least make sure your seams are good and have as few stop starts as possible.

countrypete, Nov 4, 6:22am
Why not use a motorcycle or quad fuel tank.Many of them have the fuel pump incorporated, and you will probably be able to pick one up cheap from a wrecker.Many bike shops wreck quads, so that may be a start.

morrisman1, Nov 4, 6:54am
Righto, I have a solution. I can use the original 121 tank with a bit of modification. I have had to make the hole in the top larger to accomodate the pump module and I have also had to make a surge chamber for the pump to sit inside. The 121 tank surprisingly has no baffles in it which would make it terrible for the injection pump if it had no surge chamber.

the tank is much larger than I wanted but it will do.

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