Brake overhaul - what should be done!

mssteptoe, Feb 7, 3:18am
I recently had new front and rear rotors and pads replaced on my Calais for WOF work.I wasn't very happy with a number of things about the entire job and the various repairs etc I had requested BUT the thing that peeved me most was that bloody metal to metal grinding noise I heard not even a week later. My son's father is a top line mechanic and knows his stuff. I'd said to my son, hear that, that's not right, new brakes etc shouldn't make that noise! He cleverly suggested the old stone possibility but I said no I know this sound, heard it many times over the years.Well he picked his father up in my car a couple of days later and the first thing he said was "tell ya mother to top up her power steering fluid and get the brakes done!"When he told me I said did you tell him what I just paid to have work done! He said he did indeed and told him the specific parts replaced etc. Then dad said well the drums need machining.
I had thought that that was a standard thing anyway, but it wasn't done in this instance. I am going back to the garage now as my car is again due for the WOF. I am somewhat familiar with the mechanics of most vehicles or should I say, was. Back when a 202 was just that and a 253 got me round the track just a bit faster than before. lol
Should this have been done the first time! My daughter drove a day after I got it back last time and was scared shi*less when she applied the brakes at high speed, (open road) she returned saying I had NO brakes. lol
This is just one gripe I have with this clown and I'm only returning to complete the initial work requested the first time aside from the WOF. All up the last bill was $1,277.75.
Any suggestions please would be helpful.I certainly don't want to be paying him any more money to complete the original work that is still unfinished. Actually I'm amazed he makes any money at all.And he's on the local council!

pandai, Feb 7, 3:37am
You got 4 new rotors but the drums need machining!

The story isn't quite adding up

panicky, Feb 7, 3:40am
The handbrake drum is internal on the rear rotors, so would be also have been replaced when the rotors were.

pico42, Feb 7, 3:40am

pandai, Feb 7, 3:41am
Haha nice one!

rod525, Feb 7, 4:09am
The OP's story lost me.

bigracket, Feb 7, 4:32am
*** Sighs ****

pico42, Feb 7, 4:59am
Surely you are not talking about Andy Beccard of Beccard Motors!

johnf_456, Feb 7, 5:02am
Laughing at no brakes whats wrong with you,

intrade, Feb 7, 5:03am
what i dont get this work was done last wof and now its due for another wof!
that would mean the work you complain was done 6 month ago!'
why would you drive 6 month with a grinding noise. something dont reads right. and you cant come back 6 month later and say work was not done right afterall in 6 month you could have done 50,000km and would have neededto fit twice new brakes in that time

mellisa2000, Feb 7, 9:52am
Sometimes I find I have to agree with you Intrade.I agree this time too.

steve312, Feb 7, 7:07pm
How does bleeding the brakes stop a grinding noise!.
This thread is getting more and more confusing as it goes on.

Sounds a lot like a piss take to me.

pdc1, Feb 7, 11:06pm
I've seen brakes pads put in back to front before. (steel backing to rotor) and car was sent home with new WOF.
Wonder if it's a cockup like that!

elect70, Feb 7, 11:34pm
^^surely you jest . not evena dumb blondewould do that ,&OP you saying been driving the thing with grinding noise for 6 months & are blaming the mechanic , should have gone back immediatly it started . By now you will have rooted the rotors or the whole brake caliper . And no they dont normally skim hand brake drums unless you have been doing lots of handbrake turns & worn it down .

therafter1, Feb 8, 2:13am
No he isn't jesting. I have even seen it done by a 'mechanic' !

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