SLR Torana. What modern brake booster amp master cylinder will fit in a lh torana with not to much modification

lumpster, Jan 31, 6:24pm
What modern brake booster & master cylinder will fit in a lh Torana with not to much modification!

brokebloke1, Feb 1, 7:00am
try early commodore I did this conversion to a UC sunbird years back
you need a 1" mastercylinder if you running STD holden brakes

muzz67, Feb 1, 7:27am
some Torana's had a VH44(or was it 40!) remote brake booster from new.

friendly_prawn, Feb 1, 7:44am
If I understand this right you can use a VB commy setup

"Torana LC to UC

All Torana??

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