1993 camry v6 wagon wont start

hotlegend, Feb 13, 7:22am
Just went to start my car and just made a kinda hard to explain whining sound like its turning over but not engaging to start kinda noise. It almost started after 1st wind of key then just like whining starter turning. Any1 else know what i mean!

jmma, Feb 13, 7:25am
Sounds like cambelt, check to see if cam is turning when trying to start

hotlegend, Feb 13, 7:28am
Yep we just spread gently the cover over cam and is turning when trying to start

bigfatmat1, Feb 13, 9:06am
Someone hasn't changed the spark plugs in a long time lol cause it was to hard now its flooded

ash4561, Feb 13, 9:14am
battery no good try jumper leads or starter motor but usually they just click but try push starting it push jump in put in 2nd gear let clutch out slowly.

tim8069, Feb 13, 9:36am
Sounds like the drive clutch inside the starter to me, try the starter a few more times. If its a loud high pitched noise it could be the ring gear

hotlegend, Feb 13, 5:28pm
cant push start its an auto and no not spark plugs as its always serviced and they have been done too. Will look more into it tonight thanks guys

bigfatmat1, Apr 14, 2:43pm
the engine is turning.