Mazda 323 astina, wont start

stepman69, Jun 17, 2:07pm
If it's sparking okay then it must be a fuel problem. If filling up with an extra 5 litres doesn't help, perhaps disconnect the fuel line going into the carby & crank it over, if it's a mechanical fuel pump (or simply turn the ignition to the on position, if it's an electrical fuel pump), & see if any petrol spurts out. If not then it's the fuel pump. If so, then it's not the fuel pump.

jason_247, Jun 17, 8:27pm
problem is ive known cars to run the battery flat in the time a mechanical pump takes to prime the lines

i can see in pictures it has a mechanical fuel pump
but explaining to someone that tried to pulll the sparkplug striaght out with pliers instead of unscrewing it, how to remove the fuel line might be tricky

i might be risky and get her to crank it for a while and if it doesnt react to chuck a coke bottle cap of fuel down the carby so it may run long enough to get fuel up the lines

jason_247, Jun 26, 6:08pm
so she pulled the fuel line from the pump to the carb and it was dry when it turned over

she chucked 5 liters of fuel in and it eventually sprayed fuel out while turning over but still no start even with new filter and fuel straight down the carb

may be a faulty pressure relieve valve in the pump