Rs legacy subaru wont start

jsbike, Sep 10, 4:58am
old shape single turbo rs, turns over and fires/backfires for a second but wont start. any ideas, apart from that its a subaru! cheers!

franc123, Sep 10, 5:20am
probably a dead fuel pump.

mechnificent, Sep 10, 5:27am
Check it has fuel pressure.
If you squeezethe fuel hose between the filter and engine then get someone to turn the key on you should feel the hose stiffen or bulge slightly.
If that is ok, get them to try and start the car and see if the pressure goes away.

jsbike, Sep 10, 6:02am
sweet, will try above

ryanm2, Oct 19, 5:15pm
our legacy wouldn't start all of a sudden - stuck in our driveway. Mechanic suggested and presumed the cambelt may have slipped a couple of teeth as it wouldn't fire. further inspection after sparkplugs were changed (original) showed a fuse that controlled the throttle body sensor and other things had blown. Odd eh.