Corolla Wont Start

mals69, Feb 9, 4:58am
Old lady came out from work the other night and her corolla diesel wouldn't start, a work mate came out and wiggled the auto and it started.
Went over there this morning and the auto seemed to be locked up, took the auto console apart and disconnected the auto lever from the rod going into the box, the rod pulls out and goes back in easily (Suspect nothing wrong with the auto)

Thought the auto electrical interlock maybe at fault so bridged it out and still would not start. The motor turns but wont fire. Theres a small thin square enclosure with around three wires sitting not far from the interlock - anyone know what this is !

Glow plug light goes out like it should

1992 Corolla Diesel


mals69, Feb 9, 8:23pm
If a glow plug or two is not working does the glow plug light still go out !

intrade, Feb 9, 8:53pm
um well i can tell you how you can get ist started. get a wire from the + terminal down to the diesel-pump fuel silanoid, it be a spade conector. Silanoid sits on pump head 1 wire. connect that and it will start. then you can try and figure what myght be wrong. shaking the leaver of the auto could mean its something on the auto trans-park-position sensore! or a faulty steering column lock.contacts.

intrade, Feb 9, 8:55pm
if the glowplugs are faulty then it will not start with my above trick but after a while puff wite gray smoke at this hot weather i somehow doubt you have faulty it would always spit and cough when it fires up on 1 or more faulty glowers when cold----only
Glow light goes out whether the plugs are ok or not.

mals69, Feb 9, 9:43pm
Cheerz intrade - not to sure when heading back for second look, but will try outyour ideas and report back - steering column contacts - interesting :)

mals69, Feb 11, 10:21pm
Went over and gave it a whirl intrade - pretty sure had right solenoid connections but no life from motor to be seen, wondering now if glow plugs at fault. Its done 270,000 k's, 1992 and mum pretty sure she never replaced them and she had it since 30,000 k's. We looked it over with its 4 bald tyres, no rego or wof and thought bugger it not worth anymore time and money. Scored her wee 2002 nissan march this morning, manual and no cambelt, 42,000 k's $6500 :) She thrilled. Thanks again intrade, you helped me out numerous times - much appreciated - have a cracker.

intrade, Feb 11, 10:25pm
be carfully with them march they wear the timing chain change oil and filters on time always.

mals69, Apr 18, 1:45am
Cheerz for that intrade, will stock up on the valvoline :)