Help with power windows

theangel, Feb 14, 4:15pm
All four have stopped working. Am waiting for my garage to open but am dreading it! Meanwhile someone in here may have a helpful suggestion!

m16d, Feb 14, 5:05pm
If it's all 4,then it's probably only blown a fuse.
But then why did it blow a fuse.!

theangel, Feb 14, 5:15pm
Thanks am waiting for daylight so I can check the fuse. Am praying thats the problem. A bit of research says quote"Window regulators are high-current devices, and the fuse is sized to just barely be able to open all four windows together. Age and a few sticky window channels can pop a fuse" unquote. Fingers crossed!

socram, Apr 19, 3:17am
As to what blew the fuse, if that is what it is, it may have been nothing more than more than one or two windows being opened at once and overloading or as per your own post.

On my own older car, I wasn't happy with the fuse structure (just three or four fuses for the whole car!When I did a rewire, (two door GT) I put in separate fuses for everything and that meant that for the electric windows, putting in fuses and relays for each window and then rewiring so that the windows could be closed with the ignition off.

On theMontego, I believe there was a computerised control unit for the windows, so it could be more than a fuse, depending on what car.