Chev conversion into 88 vl commodore

chevyl200, Feb 15, 5:43am
i am looking for parts to convert my vl commodore from the 253 to chevy. parts include special remote oilfilter,spacers for xmember,info on wat i do with the steering etc.any info or parts 4sale would be great!thankyou for your time.

1fordluva, Feb 15, 6:13am
The sump,ho ho ho Thats the exspensive part.

chevyl200, Feb 15, 6:41am
yeah,il make my own mounts n sump.already got the special oil pump n pik block huggers i need a special fitting for the block end of the remote oilfilter adapter or can i use the normal fram ones with the brass fittings!cheers

chevyl200, Feb 15, 6:46am
haha there not a to bad of a motor pal.but nothings beats a small block.yea if only it did drop in.iv put a chevy into few unusual cars but am just bit curious on this one.

whynot7, Feb 15, 6:47am
if its a genuine v8 vl would it not be a black 308 engine.! big valve heads rev like a bstard . do it up keep the 308 it will go as well as a chev. also you will have to butcher the tunnel to fit a turbo tranz into it.

berg, Feb 15, 6:52am
253 baby block. I love them. Awesome little revers and they respond to good breathing and exhaust tweaks. Used to build them with sleeves as 240 stockcar engines

1fordluva, Feb 15, 7:33am
Its the sump thats the stopper.

chevyl200, Feb 15, 8:27am
nah its a factory 3ltre.has a worked 253 and supra 5 speed at the momnt.was guna keep 5speed behind the chev but have my doubts bout it handling my led foot.

chevyl200, Feb 15, 8:33am
yea it goes well ae,but just not a great fan of the old holden v8s.but please tell me why do the 253s make the funky induction noise with ya foot hard up it!

chevyl200, Apr 22, 4:09pm
i got a mint th350 i think il use. cheers m8

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