Power steering problem

frogs61, Nov 26, 6:43am
I just put a motor in my silvia sr20de and I have a a leak on my power steering line on steering rack, and needing a new one. The fluid was bubling when their was stuff all fluid in and I topped up and power steering isn't holding any pressure i.e working when the car is on. Would it be because of the leak! Thanks.

frogs61, Nov 26, 9:35pm
Anyone got one for sale !

mm12345, Nov 26, 9:47pm
May be less trouble just to remove the hose, get it fixed by Enzed, refit and refill fluid.

intrade, Nov 27, 10:02am
yea they fix it but take 300$ with you them places dont fix hoses cheap

mm12345, Nov 27, 10:45am
Last time I needed a PS hose fixed, was about $120 &gst.Wasn't worth it to me shagging around trying to find one from a wrecker, but perhaps sylvia parts are easier to get hold of.
The OP should call Nissan parts for a price for a new OEM hose.I never found out the exact price for mine, he started with "five hundred and." but I was laughing too hard to hear the rest.

pup2, Nov 27, 6:53pm
http://www.powersteeringshop.co.nz/ These guys are pretty good and I have found them to be well priced.

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