'99 VT calais V6 steering problem

icemans1, May 13, 5:02am
steering is starting to get a bit heavy and getting a bit of noise when turning the steering wheel. just wondering what you guys think - could it be pump or rack! would you advise buying new or second hand parts! and my final question is how much are new parts! secondhand they're about 2 hundy each TIA

icemans1, May 13, 5:03am
car has done about 210k

soph001, May 13, 9:27am
hey we've got a VS, same thing, husband mechanic says pump needs recon but he can't be bothered so we just pour some kind of additive into the power steer pump. Lucas or something. Don't quote me on the product.

twink19, May 13, 9:39am
just kit pump, not that hard to do

carlz05, May 13, 9:45am
Has it got power steering fluid in it!just checking.

icemans1, May 13, 10:34am
had power steering pump serviced earlier this year

icemans1, May 13, 10:35am
did ya get a quote for a recon pump!

icemans1, May 14, 6:00am
its about $350 for a recon pump

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