Izuzu bighorn wandering steering problem

geminidragon, Sep 6, 10:25pm
hi i have a 97 izuzu bighorn that seems to wander from lock to lock in the steering ,i have had a wheel allignment and still the same ,fitted new tyres and no difference ,i have read on google that the steering box can be adjusted to take the play out but cant crack the lock nut ,its at a angle so had to use a swivel joint and broke that .:( has anyone had a simaler prob with their bighorn cheers

mm12345, Sep 6, 11:48pm
Steering damper shagged!Cheap enough to replace with non-OEM part (BNT probably carry them in stock).
You're talking about steering wandering from lock to lock, then thinking that reducing free-play in the steering box might fix that - it won't.But you should be able to see if there's some free-play somewhere by getting underneath and looking while someone wiggles the steering wheel side to side - plus if something's shagged (drag link ball joints, steering box) then you should be able to hear it clicking or clunking.

geminidragon, Sep 7, 12:00am
steering damper on the izuzu! thanks i,ll have a look when i have someone to help cheers

intrade, Sep 7, 12:19am
steering damper worn joints wheel bearing play that makes it wander steering play dont helps but wont make it wander all the time you just have to correct the path you drive all the time with play on snail type steering mechanism and you would see the play from snail rack when its not moveing also

geminidragon, Sep 7, 12:27am
thanks but i cant see any steering damper joints ,and what is a snail rack please thanks for your help

NZTools, Sep 7, 12:36am
It doesnt matter how hard you look, you wont find a steering damper on a 97 bighorn. (it looks like a shock absorber)

If there is wear in the steering box it will have the effect of allowing the vehicle to wander.
Each time you correct it, you turn the wheel slightly when sends it wandering slowly in the other direction, then the same when you correct it again.

Bear in mind there are all sorts of causes though, and sometimes it canbe a process of elimination.

geminidragon, Sep 7, 12:57am
ok i had a nissan safarithat had a steering damper and it looked like ashock absorberi hope its a worn ball joint or the like ,thanks all for your help

geminidragon, Sep 7, 1:19am
I should add that before the new tyres and the wheel alignment ,the steering wheel was not straight and itwould go down the motorway better than after the align was done ,,most dissapointed

mm12345, Sep 7, 2:43am
Okay - no steering damper - didn't realise that.
Steering wheel not centered!This may have nothing to do with alignment itself, but they did you a favour by adjusting this when they did the alignment.
You need to get this looked at for peace of mind at least.I'm surprised that if there's a problem, the place which did your alignment didn't pick it up.If there are loose steering ball joints, a lot of freeplay in the steering box, loose wheel bearing, kingpins etc, then they should all be a WOF fail - and it's the sort of thing from my experience that WOF shops do check enthusiastically.

intrade, Sep 7, 3:56am
wheel alignment place should have found out worn parts and told you to fix before alignment as it usually incorrect again after you fix worn balljoints or there like , so i would get it realigned for free after the fault is fixed. if its a worn part like a balljoint rackend or bushings on suspension-steering

geminidragon, Sep 7, 8:17pm
ok guys thanks ,he said the new tyres would make it drive different also after they did the allignment they test drove it and put ity back on the hoist and the steering wheel was not straight and manually adjusted it again without hooking up to allignmentmachine to get steering wheel straight ,! i would have thought this would have stuffed up the allignment or at least by a little bit ,,it apparently did not need shimming and it looks like they only adjusted the tierods.warrents due at the end of the month so maybe they will find something ,i just want the truck to drive right

intrade, Sep 7, 8:21pm
if they cant do a alignment with the steerig wheel straight after then they are diy or cowboys even i get it right with my manual laser aligner without removing the steering wheel. You need to take it to somone who knows what he is doing , it can be hard to find a problem without special tools like suspension hydraulic tester, but if you know there is a problem it can be found eventually.

geminidragon, Sep 7, 8:44pm
thanks intrade sure yeah its not a new truck but it suits our needs ,i spoke in lengthwith a guy at firestone with a hunter allignment machine and he said they could sort it and if there was any play in suspension they would let me know before doing it ,he has 8 years experience on allignmentsand said they could have stuffed the allign by adjusting after the hook up ,what a waste of money

geminidragon, Sep 7, 8:47pm
by the way firestone did not do the allignment ,i saw them the next day

djtutty, Sep 8, 4:25am
doing a wheel alignment by just adjusting the tie rods is known in the industry as a "toe and go" Be very careful adjusting the freeplay in your steering box. you can destroy them if you get it wrong and your steering locking up at 100kmh would not be funny. If the alignment has been done properly your problem is likely at the back end of your bighorn. rear bushes, shocks etc

geminidragon, Sep 8, 8:31am
hi i could not get the lock nut undone on the steering box anyway and destroyed a 1/2 "swivel on a extention trying so i think i will not try any further and see what the warrent picks up ,if nothing gets picked upi will go to firestone and get it right ,toe n go huh yeah sounds like thats all they done as they would have had it 15 mins tops

supernova2, Sep 8, 8:40am
Whats the bet that all they did was remove and refit the steering wheel so it looked correct!IMHO Tyre shops are not the place to get alignments done.

geminidragon, Sep 8, 8:43am
no i have a airbag wheel ,can you reccomend a good alignment shop thanks

intrade, Sep 8, 8:43am
you have to undo the nut on the thing that holds the bolt for adjustment it lockes the adjuster bolt like a screw and nut. I never had a problem to undo them so far. on steering box anyhow if its seezed only heat and coldspray would get it to move with crc and a fire extinguisher near by. and if its bad worn then you cant adjust it to take all play out as it would bind up when you go round corners.

geminidragon, Sep 8, 7:36pm
yes i did that intrade i have adjusted steering boxes before but the outer 17mm /21/32size nut is way down the bottom beside radiator and it wont budge ,however it was fine before the tyres and allignment so have decided not to touch it

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