Subaru steering problem

clothesline2011, Sep 15, 2:53pm
96 subaru imprezza, neighbours car when turn hard left locks up and makes knocking sound, from right hand side, they have replaced cv axles made no difference,i am wondering if could be the power steering pump, any advice on where to look 1st is apreciated

a.woodrow, Sep 15, 6:34pm
Still sounds like CV to be honest. Were they new axles fitted?

intrade, Sep 15, 7:25pm
worn rack bushing make knock sound so do faulti stabilisator bar bushes and rubbers when the force in the bar knocks on metal instaed of getting dampened.
Fastest way to find that is to rock the car back and forward on the roof

clothesline2011, Sep 16, 8:41am
yip new axles fitted, she tells me when it locks she can turn it back forcibly, i will take a look at it today, will try rock it from the roof and see what i can hear

mechnificent, Sep 16, 10:06am
Maybe the steering is turning too far in one direction.
You say it locks up, which means the car doesn't want to move forwards ?
It sounds like it's in the cv, and if they are good ones, it could be caused by the steering angle being too great for the cv to handle.
Did it do this before the new cv's ? And so that's why the new cv's were fitted ?

atom.ant, Sep 16, 11:07am
What locks up? Just 1 wheel?

supernova2, Sep 16, 11:24am
You say it can be "turned back forcibly".
So do you mean that the steering wheel locks in the turned position and it requires great effort to straighten it up again?

If so there is something binding up in the rack, tie rod end or similar IMHO.

clothesline2011, Sep 16, 12:35pm
yes did it before cvs where fitted, thats why they were replaced, yes steering wheel locks in turned position requires great effort to straighten it up again. am just relaying what shes told me am yet to have a look myself, apreceate the feed back as its giving me a good idea where to start

mechnificent, Sep 16, 1:00pm
If the steering goes around to too sharper lock, the angle between the steering rod and steering arm can go over center, and then the wheel gets jammed onto hard lock. I've seen it on quad bikes that had lots of wear. in a car I'd suspect that whatever is meant to prevent the steering going to too sharper angle, is missing or damaged.
The noise is probably the cv, but only making the noise because the lock is too sharp.
Check if the lock angle is the same left and right turns.

ema671, Sep 16, 9:12pm
see the struts boshes

monsieurl, Sep 18, 10:46am
I'm guessing it's an auto. almost guarantee it's torque bind from the gearbox/centre diff.

intrade, Sep 18, 10:52am
you mean 4wd uneaven tyre wear low pressure would stress the system one of the worst is toyotas . One of the best is haldex used by vw

bwg11, Sep 18, 7:52pm
Is this just another dig at Toyota or can you explain which Toyota systems you consider to be "one of the worst" and why.

Do you mean the part-time system as used for example on the 70 series, or full-time 4WD with a locking centre diff, or full-time 4WD with a viscous coupling and locking centre diff, or full-time 4WD system with a 'Torsen' T3 (torque sensing) centre diff?

You say how wonderful the Haldex system is. Early Haldex systems were pretty horrible until Generation 3 as used on 2006 on Freelander.

snoopy221, Sep 18, 8:13pm
**Nods head in agreement**
Watches previous iriots and later iriots.

alfred011, Sep 19, 8:56am
My legacy had that locking ,binding noise on full lock ,I fixed the problem by putting a tube of tranny fix in the auto it fixed the problem straight away.You buy it from any BNT shop ,also you can put the car into 2wd by fitting a fuse into the empty fuse holder under the bonnet by the brake booster ,the fuse holder has AWD written on the cover put the fuse in and see if the problem goes away .

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