Slotted brake rotors

mr_bond, Dec 31, 11:04pm

I am needing to replace my brake pads/rotors and wondered whether replacing the standard rotors with slotted rotors would require certification!

If so what does certification cost!


mrfxit, Jan 1, 12:02am
Of absobloodylutely NO real benefit on a domestic vehicle for the extra cost.

neo_psy, Jan 1, 12:07am
^^ pretty much what he said.
Unless you have big wheels and want to show off the discs.

johnf_456, Jan 1, 2:37am
No point unless towing heavy loads and / or a track car.

moosie_21, Jan 1, 2:39am
If it's a project car and you're looking at uprating the engine etc. then go for it. I'm pretty sure if the rotors are bigger than factory they have to be certed! Would also be a prerequisite if giving the car more hp in the future (more than 20% of factory).

bubbles244, Jan 1, 5:00am
rotors don't have to be certed if they can still fit inside the calipers.

but in saying that even if you change the calipers from (we'll use a HSV for example) to your VT v6 berlina you can fit slotted 343mm rotors in there(albeit you will now need bigger rims to fit over the calipers.) and still will not require cert as the parts are from the same family of cars.

toyota windom v8 brakes into older cresta's and 2wd hilux's work too.

also the reason i used the holden for an example is because the weight of the car combined with more powerful calipers from an HSV will create huge friction to heat up big rotors and pads to make them work.

I once watched a toyota Ae86 leven with brembo's plow into the tyre wall at manfield due to the car being so light that it didn't generate enough force to heat big brakes up to make them work. all they did was squeal there way around the track.

sr2, Jan 1, 5:28am
The problem will probably have been in the selection of pad compound, not the rotor surface area. I always test with either heat paint of an infrared heat gun when track testing a car, it??

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