Brake Lights Staying On

brosph, Feb 19, 1:42am
I have a 1988 Toyota Carolla. Went out to start it this morning and noticed the brake lights were on. The battery had gone flat so jumped started it, got to where I was going and the lights were still going. Only thing I could do was to pull out the fuse. Any suggestions on how it fix it would be much appreciated. Cheers.

rsr72, Feb 19, 1:48am
If the switch is on the brake pedal arm you could look for a carpet caught up on it, or a loose switch.

unbeatabull, Feb 19, 2:00am
You sure it wasn't your park lights!

Otherwise Id be looking at faulty switch, as rsr said check by the brake pedal for anything that could be in the way like carpet, mats etc

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