Brake shutter not rotors !

rmcgrath, Jan 8, 2:53am
new rotors and pads and still happening wtf . ideas please

kazbanz, Jan 8, 2:54am
Im guessing you meenbrake shudder!
Have you replacedALL 4 disks not just the front ones.!
Quick test for ya. Take the car for a drive gently ease on the brakes with hands off the wheel.-If you get a littleshake in the steering lined up with the pump in the pedal then yep its still the fronts but if you dont then its the rears

rmcgrath, Jan 8, 2:56am
shudder yes all 4 no only the front

rmcgrath, Jan 8, 3:00am
getshudderin steering and pedal .brand new pads and rotors on front

NZTools, Jan 8, 3:01am
If it was rust under tyhe rotor causing the shudder, replacing the rotor wont helf. Did yuo make sure the mounting surface on the hubs were clean before you fitted the new rotors!

rmcgrath, Jan 8, 3:01am
sorry dont quite understand

rmcgrath, Jan 8, 3:03am
they are a complete unit on the commodore hub & rotor inone sorry didnt say

next-to-normal, Jan 8, 3:03am
replace all your brake fluid for a start,just in case its old and hot,thats my 2 cents worth,check that the screws holding on therotors are there and tighten,did you do the job yourself, or the rip off shop

rmcgrath, Jan 8, 3:06am
myself and no screws as mentioned done a fewover 30 years

next-to-normal, Jan 8, 3:17am
what holds the rotor onto the hub just the wheel nuts,some cars have a locator type bolt as well, and some recommend to replace them and not use them again!

skull, Jan 8, 3:22am
From the original post it was also shuddering before the rotors were changed. Does the car have ABS and is it possible that the ABS is faulty to cause the shudder!

biddy6, Jan 8, 3:24am
I have had a delaminating tyre feel like it was a brake issue, try changing tyres around fronts to back.

bellky, Jan 8, 3:24am
wheels not balanced

rmcgrath, Jan 8, 3:24am
no abs

rmcgrath, Jan 8, 3:27am

skull, Jan 8, 3:28am
What about some more info, make, model, mileage!

rmcgrath, Jan 8, 3:30am
quote=skull]What about some more info, make, model, mileage![/quote] commodore VP 236000 km

skull, Jan 8, 3:35am
Can you eliminate the rear brakes by clamping off the rear brakes and going for a careful test run up the road! Does the shudder remain! Is it the same shudder now! Make model and mileage was really for others who may wish to participate, I've been out of fixing cars for many moons now.

next-to-normal, Jan 8, 3:43am
well they reckon shuddering is when rotors a warped,as they new, they may not be aligned right,or it may be something else,
of a board
tierods balljoints suspension strut (possibly springs too)
wheel bearings wheel balance
and what I think in the OP situation Excessive disc runout.
and universal joint
dont shoot me im just the messenger

rmcgrath, Jan 8, 3:58am
its got me check out the rears next week and i will get back too you all thanks anyway

unbeatabull, Jan 8, 4:38am
VP Commodore! Do they have the PBR Master Cylinder!

Check the pushrod clearance (will need to seperate booster and master cylinder), I've found far too many Ford & Holdens with the PBR System that have no clearance right out of the factory, so that there is always a slight drag/pressure on the brakes, which causes shudder over time.

Easy way to test if it is the brakes or not is to run it over a running road . if its the brakes it will show up on the brake meter as a fluctuation when pedal is held at same pressure - you can also narrow it down to front or rear this way.

I have had bent/damaged rims cause "Brake Shudder" before as well.

tonyrockyhorror, Jan 8, 5:14am
Put a DTI on the rotors.

kazbanz, Jan 8, 5:21am
OP my point was --Brakes were shuddering. To fix you changed FRONT disks n pads
BUT not rears. So you want to establish if the problem is actually in the front at all.
SO take the car for a drive and gently apply the brakes. If the shudder is felt through the steering wheel then its likely to be still a problem in the front. If it isn't then I'd be looking at the rear.

edangus, Jan 8, 5:25am
Follow.the path of next-to-normal.

Bushes.shocks.could be plenty of bits and pieces causing a shudder at the front end under braking.

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