Rebuilding brake calipers

directorylist, Mar 3, 12:50am
So i have a set of brake calipers that need cleaning and rebuilding, i have the parts i need and have done it before. But the issue i have is i dont ahve a compressor or the car handy to get the pistons out, anyone got any ideas! or anyone in wellington who might be able to do it/help!

mechnificent, Mar 3, 1:42am
Bang them on a board and the pistons may drop out. If they are tight then a grease gun is safer and works better than compressed air. Connecting them to a brake system is better, but grease works as long as you clean them really carefully afterwards.

directorylist, Mar 3, 3:24am
They've been sitting for awhile so banging them is not likely to work, but i'll give it a shot,

Kazbanz thats all well and good to say, but if i had access to a compressed air source i wouldn't be posting

twink19, Mar 3, 3:27am
put a grease nipple in and pump them out with grease gun

mechnificent, Mar 3, 3:50am
Yeah, compressed air is a good way to jamb the pistons or get your fingers crushed.

elect70, Mar 3, 4:02am
Got an LPG bottletry that^^^^yet its recommended in workshop manualseven yank ones known for their "safe " procedures . I use myrefrig gas bottle , not having air or grease gun&keep fingers outside.

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