Bugger, New starter motor, Still wont start?

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dasfi, May 24, 8:38am
Dosnt even click, does nothing, not sure what else it could be! maybe ignition or starter inhibitor! (its auto) any help would be appreciated, Cheers

antwerp87, May 24, 8:40am
Car! Make Model! Year! Engine!

dasfi, May 24, 8:43am
Sorry its a 1992 Nissan bluebird, SR20 Auto

richard198, May 24, 8:49am
Earth. earth and earth!

skyline_guy_r34, May 24, 8:52am
Yep id go with starter inhibitor. Guess you've tried starting in park and neutral! Also try wiggling the auto stick up and down a bit while in park or neutral as it may just be a loose connection.

antwerp87, May 24, 8:55am
Agree with Skyline. Too much play may cause an issue with the earthing in an auto. (hence why you cant start your car in drive)

carmedic, May 24, 9:16am
With the car in park, short out the spade terminal on the starter solenoid to the power lead (12mm nut). The engine should turn over. Does it!
Is this a second-hand starter!

dasfi, May 24, 9:29am
Yes second hand starter but i pulled it out of a running car today, i will try shorting them out tomorrow and see what happens! if that does work does that mean its the inhibitor! is the inhibitor the little white box by the shifter with to wires and a prong thing comming off it! yes i have wiggled it heaps and still nothing at all. where abouts would i be looking for a bad eart!

dasfi, May 24, 9:30am
Do i need someone to hold the key on all the way when i short it out! as if i was trying to start it!

franc123, May 24, 9:32am
No, you are bypassing the circuit, thats the whole point.

dasfi, May 24, 9:34am
Sweet as ill try that tomorrow, if that doesnt work ill have no idea

bae13, May 24, 9:49am
sounds like you had that before tomorrow, lol

in the engine bay there is a relay box, in that relay box there should be an inhibit relay, if you bridge out the 2 terminals one marked 3 and the other 5 this will bypass the inhibitor switch. if still no go, feed power to terminal 5, this should start it cranking, if not you have a broken wire between that terminal and the exciterterminal on the starter. if it does check power feed from the switch. if bridging it gets it cranking watch out as it will start in gear, but you will have an issue in the inhibitor circuit. clear as mud!

toxicgreen., May 24, 9:55am
Cauld he multimetre check for power on the little signal wire that goes to starter!Have key in crank position as you read multimetre

carmedic, May 24, 10:11am
He could but we need to check the second hand starter first.
I assume we have dash lights when turning the key, ie the fusible links (small wires) on the positive battery terminal haven??

dasfi, May 24, 10:16am
Yuss, i put screwdriver from spade bit on solanoid to 12 bolt and start motor cranked, does this mean i have a break in wire somewhere or the inhibitor switch is poked!

for_an_angel, May 24, 10:25am
yes one or the other

dasfi, May 24, 10:27am
Fark, guessing a broken wire would be a prick to find!

carmedic, May 24, 10:27am
Do you have all the dash lights when you turn the key!

dasfi, May 24, 10:31am
yes all lights working

dasfi, May 24, 10:40am
Can i just cut the two wires to it and bridge them! will this fix my problem!

carmedic, May 24, 10:43am
Sorry what two wires!
Do you mean the fusible links!
The dash lights mean it??

dasfi, May 24, 10:47am
arggg sounds like hard work, reckon an auto sparky would sort it!

dasfi, May 24, 10:48am
have no idea how to hotwire theres about 8 or 9 wires comming off that

for_an_angel, May 24, 11:06am
test light and basic electrical knowledge should be enough to sort those 8 or 9 wires out. If it's too much for ya I would have someone that dose know have a look as it's not the ezyest thing to put into words

ginga4lyfe, May 24, 11:07am
the inhibitor is either on the box or next to the stick in the center console, how about finding it and seeing if its still plugged in correctly, and if it is, then replacing it to see if it then works!