Quick question. Fact or fiction turning the heater on will cool the engine temp

antz91, Mar 5, 10:27pm
Fact or Fiction:

Turning the heater on will cool the engine temp!

robinm1, Mar 5, 10:30pm
true, it will assist in cooling the motor.

daryl14, Mar 5, 10:31pm
Yes. Because the heater is a heat exchanger giving up heat to the air being blown across it. But if you have to do that there is a big problem with your cooling system.

truegenius, Mar 5, 10:52pm
fiction.its so insignificant .

carmedic, Mar 5, 11:02pm
Mate you??

mechnificent, Mar 5, 11:57pm
Damned right!

ct9a, Mar 6, 12:02am
if i put a can of V in my radiator will my vehicle be faster!

ct9a, Mar 6, 3:18am
be as smart as you then huh!

intrade, Mar 6, 3:25am
fact is puting the heater on and the blower on full will cool the cars engine by noticible ammount absolute true unlessyour heater is blocked or disconnected of course.

truegenius, Mar 6, 3:35am
In a car with an engine that is operating properly turning the heater on wont significantly do diddly to the temp gauge.

mrfxit, Mar 6, 3:45am

truegenius, Mar 6, 3:52am
oh its a biggie.lol. my heater has saved me from ruining my engine.lol.what a croc.maybe its not the miniature fan and radiator that drops the temp when your motors fizzlin water at the radiator cap but rather the small dammed up water reserve that flows when you open the heater valve nonetheless ordinarily if yourve got to rely on your heater to maintain a working engine temp your probably a ford owner.lol

jrlaw, Jun 24, 1:49pm
The heater will cool a engine only if it is one that turns the water of at a tap. Some have constant water though the heater core so would not make a huge difference.

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