New brake master cylinder.

btb2, Mar 6, 5:46am
where is the best place to go for one of theese in hamilton! how much should i be expecting to pay. have a parts master card. will a service kit be of any use. the veihichle it is for is a 1985 toyota hilux flat deck 2 litre.

replaced rear wheel cyinders as one was leaking. bled the break system and came up sweet and then it just lost pressure 2 the rear brakes. have tried indavidually bleeding from the master cylinder and there was pressure from the front one and the rear the break fluid dribbled out.

any help is much appreciated.
thanks in advance.

clark20, Mar 6, 6:12am

intrade, Mar 6, 6:15am
just ordered a new master for corolla diesel 85$+ from partsmaster ask for trade price anyone gets trade who asks at partsmaster.

btb2, Mar 6, 6:25am
biker that sounds like exactly what has happened. could feel it slowly giving way more and more with each pump.

toxicgreen., Mar 6, 6:29am
Good one biker i was thinkin i should write about whole strokewen bleeding ,chops out master seals

dent, Mar 6, 6:32am
You wont know if a service kit is any use untill you strip it down and look at the condition of the bore. personally id just throw another master cylinder at it.

btb2, Mar 6, 6:38am
its looking like a new one is in order. is the safer way to go i am starting to think. cheers for your help guys

ml6989, Mar 6, 9:49am
Lack of pressure to the rear and only a dribble of fluid out of the bleeders make me think that it may have a crook proportioning valve.

toxicgreen., Mar 7, 12:30am
In master cylinder there usually 2 seals on one piston shaft 1 seal for front brake line one sealfor rear brake line, just one full pedal pump during bleeding can run either or both seals past a small chunk of rust in the cylinder, ps yr profile looks like u shld no about brakes! ! I do brakes ,need a help! be small charge.

sr2, Mar 7, 6:03am
Any master cylinder corrosion is a major safety issue on a car. The only solution is to replace or re-sleeve, there is no acceptable compromise with brake safety.

btb2, Mar 7, 7:51am
the cylinders were grooved and had shredded the seals on the piston. so replaced it with a new one i had sitting around for the race car.thanks for your help guys.

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