Boat motor flooding in 2nd cylinder!

dave653, Oct 18, 1:54am
Water or overfuelling! If it's water, corrosion has taken over. Too much fuel, check the diapragm in the fuel pump, I've just replaced mine.

mm12345, Oct 18, 7:22am
Suzuki are okay.But yamaha.I agree based on first hand experience.
BTW, Suzuki make some johnson, yamaha make some mariner, nissan make tohatsu etc, so generalisations may not hold.

elect70, Jan 3, 4:47pm
Pull carb off & fix /replace float.Onmy old85 suzki75used torun a very richpetrol & oil mixturefrom a canbeforeputting away for winter .Scapped iteventually aftermanifold / water jacketcorroded in centre were SS bolt goes through it&farked the motor .Salt water & 2 different metalsrecipe for rot .