VZ Holden Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

paulap, Mar 9, 7:55am
What could cause this! Windscreen perhaps!

ntalke, Mar 9, 8:15am
Aircon drain hose has come lose I would say

paulap, Mar 9, 11:13pm
Car was not driven over the weekend. Floor was dry. It rained on the weekend and now I have a wet passengers side. Had heard they were bad for leaks but can't find any info online about it. And my local Holden dealer is not going to admit to it.lol

321mat, Mar 10, 12:24am
The windscreen has a leak in the seal around it.

This is more common than you might think - the windscreen was poorly fitted, OR, there is rust around the steel housing.

icemans1, Mar 10, 7:48am

paulap, Jul 6, 8:42am
Cheers all. I am pulling it apart on the weekend to see what I can find.

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