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jenznjuz, Mar 12, 3:41am
Im looking at buying an Audi 97 s/w. does anybody have any possitve or negative feedback they would like to share! any problems they are known 4 etc etc. thanking you kin advanc, all comments greatly appreciated :)

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 3:44am
Firstly,beware of comments relating to "european cars" each make and model is different. Anyone who tries to make generalised statements is almost bound to be giving you the wrong information.

Exactly which Audi are you looking at!

jenznjuz, Mar 12, 3:48am
Hi thanks for that, its an Audi A4 Avant.

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 3:49am
While I write the next bit. what engine does it have!

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 3:51am
The early A4 isn't quite the safe refined machine the later ones are. But if its cheap enough it may be good buying. What sort of budget are you working on!

The motors are generally very reliable but there are a few common ( but not end of the world) electrical problems that can crop up.

Do you know if it has been shed stored or outside! Are you going to be keeping it in a garage and what sort of condition is it in!

I ask as a lot of the electrical issues are related to people leaving them out in the weather with the drains blocked up. This can cause water to get inside and cause problems.

jenznjuz, Mar 12, 3:51am
4 Cylinder 1780cc

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 3:53am

jenznjuz, Mar 12, 3:54am
My budget is around 6-7k for a tidy wagon.Im not sure if it has been shed stored, possibly as its looks very tidy for its age, actually super tidy. A few wee stone chips (to be expected) but nothing major.Interior is tip top.

jenznjuz, Mar 12, 3:54am
no turbo

jenznjuz, Mar 12, 3:56am
I looked at a 2000 todat too but very high k's.247000.00. too much for my liking. asking price was 5k, but had a few things that rattled my cage/heated leather seat didnt work, and rattly noise around the console somewhere. that wud do me in after not too long. hehe

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 3:56am
O.K, well the non-turbo is not exactly quick. They are a good motor but without the turbo they are a bit of a slug. Have you also considered the Passat Wagons! Same manufacturer and engines but they are often better value.

Whats the situation with the cambelt has it been changed and is it due!

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 3:57am
Not a lot of point in paying a lot more unless you are getting in to the next model.

jenznjuz, Mar 12, 3:59am
cmbelt has been done recently yes. I havent looked at the passat, but deff will do, thanks for that. As for the speed thing, thats not an issue for me, as long as it saves me from using my feet im happy as a jay bird.Main reason for a wagon is because I need one to carry my dog, safely contained in the rear. I really like the look of this car, hence all the quizzing. Knowledge is power. :)

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 4:04am
Well for your use it could be a definite contender. The key thing with buying an older one like that is condition and maintenance history. Try and keep to lower km's etc too.

There is a lot of generalised hearsay around regarding transmissions in Audi's and them not lasting. Just bear in mind that dosn't apply to all models/engines and if there is trouble its ususally a result of abuse and /or very high km's.

With the 1.8 it dosn't stress the transmission much so as long as its been maintained the odds are well on your side. Definitely get the fluid changed and flushed if it has not been done recently.

Remember too with cambelts that they need changing based on milage AND age. It sounds like the one you are looking at is recent but as a rule of thumb those should be done every 100'000km or 5 years whichever comes first.

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 4:08am
Also, while we are on the subject of cambelts. The only real problem those earlier Audi motors had was that the waterpumps in them had a plastic impeller (The bit that spins and moves the water) what Audi didn't realise at the time is that with age those waterpumps often fly apart and can jam causing the cambelt to break and complete and catastrophic engine failure. (Cheaper to put a new engine in than to fix in most cases)

So, you really want to try and find out if the waterpump has been replaced. Most replacements will be metal impellar ones if done fairly recently.

Also. when finding out about cambelts. Ideally when the cambelt is replaced the thermostat, waterpump and tensioners should have been done at the same time. Be wary of "cambelt only" replacements, you may have to revisit and spend money earlier than expected if the waterpump etc gives trouble.

For the 1.8 you should allow about $800 to $1000 for a complete cambelt replacement with waterpump etc. Thats assuming you go somewhere that sources their parts correctly etc.

Parts BTW are quite reasonable for Audi/VW but are best sourced from the likes of Qualitat who import genuine parts but are not Audi NZ so are a cheaper. They will courier overnight to almost anywhere so are easy to deal with.

jenznjuz, Mar 12, 4:13am
Thank you so much for all your knowledge and time.I will deff put all this info to good use. About the history, they say they have all the info (since they have owned it anyway) only 2 NZ owners. Its done 147,000k's, and cam done recently.If i purchase it, ill deff get the transmission serviced, but firstly have my machanic give it a good going over. My partner is very padantic about servicing and looking after vehicles, so If anything is dodgy, it will be a no-go zone for me.
cheers heaps again :)

vtecintegra, Mar 12, 4:15am
Further to that there is a much larger difference in performance between the turbo and non-turbo versions than the power difference on paper would suggest.

The turbo gives much more mid range torque and is much nicer to drive.

jenznjuz, Mar 12, 4:18am
Thank you, I will take it out tomorrow and give it a burst. The slug better get off its arse.wink wink

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 4:20am
+1 A lot of difference between the too. Also, if you are not going to keep it a long time it is a lot easier to sell a 1.8T than a 1.8.

Something to be aware of, you can make your own decision from there.

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 4:21am
LOL. Have fun, feel free to come back and hit us up with more questions.

jenznjuz, Mar 12, 4:25am
I will hehe, cheers guys.have a fab weekend!

craig04, Mar 12, 4:42am
So in other words. All older Audi's should be kept in a "shed" because they are not water resistant. Love it!

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 4:45am
Only if its designated a "D" series model i.e A4 1.8D
. The D stands for Disprin by the way.

(jenznjuz, we are only horsing around, don't take this seriously the Audi's are fine kept outside so long as the drains are kept clear)

craig04, Mar 12, 4:53am
Yes, sorry. Just kidding about the water resistance thing. Much more chance of the water pump flying to pieces causing catastrophic engine failure than the car rusting.

craig04, Mar 12, 4:59am
Jenznjuz, don't pay any attention to me, I'm just winding Jazz up.
He actually does know his stuff about Audi and VW product.

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